Star Wolves 2

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Star Wolves 2


Looks to do its predecessor proud

Sequel time

I don't like liars. So I guess it's a good thing that when I ask, "Does the idea of a Space-Fighter RPG excite you?" all of you can truthfully say "Yes", right? Sequel to the acclaimed Star Wolves, Star Wolves 2 extends on the popular formula, by crafting an interesting blend of Space-Fighter-Warfare elements, and features not dissimilar to those of games like Fire Emblem, where you have a squad of customisable characters to play with.

I'll give you one Vulcan cannon, for your...

When asked what the most appealing feature of an RPG is, most people would reply 'Depth'. Star Wolves 2 does seem to hold a good promise for apt depth. Your 'hero' can be named, and his experience (as with your other pilots) can be put towards certain skills such as 'Leadership', where once he is in command of a squad, activating this power boosts the attributes of the pilots under his command. This, along with powers that increase piloting skill or accuracy, gives the player some choice with their player, and scope for specialisation within your group of mercenaries.

Just like the pilots themselves, your fleet consists of a range of customisable ships, each holding a certain amount of Guns, Missiles, Devices, amongst other things. All of these, as well as cargo and salvage from battle, are stored in your mothership's cargo hold, ready to sell at the next trading post or black market.

So, what's it like to play?

Seeing as this game takes place predominantly in the vast voids of space, movement in this game should be fairly easy. A simple click of the right mouse button after selecting your units are on their way (though one must click once on the map screen when travelling further distances). The Camera pans in full 3D, with a great deal of zoom. The camera can also be changed to follow a selected vehicle, or cinematic mode for the automatic panning of the camera around the vehicle, as well as a few others.

There is a bit of a learning curve to the controls and most of the advanced commands (such as repair, or missiles) as well. However, one has to have mastered these commands ideally, before you are faced with the tougher opponents in combat. There are plenty of commands in the panel, but a better control over the course of battle is tied directly into the speed and efficiency of your command over individual units. But it is all covered in the tutorial so you can practice a bit before having to do it to protect your skin.