Star Wolves 2

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Star Wolves 2


Looks to do its predecessor proud

So, what's it like to play? (ctnd.)

Through the course of the game, you receive mail via your mothership, which is your main screen for accepting missions (that aren't directly given to you by an NPC). Secondary missions can be accepted or declined, and all have certain rewards for completing them, such as new items or some experience for your pilots. There is certainly plenty to do.

Galactic Beauty

In terms of visuals, the game doesn't disappoint. The environment is varied and contains planets, asteroid belts, jump-portals, large transport ships, space pirate hideouts, stars (of varying brightness) and beautiful coloured taints from gaseous trails left from galaxies past. Your own fleet, when viewed up close, is very detailed- one could almost believe that these could be constructed using the game as a template, such is the detail applied to each ship.

During combat, when one activates the free roaming combat (and also, presuming your fleet doesn't need your direct control to triumph), it is possible to view the ensuing battle and all of the effects in pleasing detail. The audio, though wholly unimpressive, is exactly as I would have expected. The normal sequences during cut scenes and when your fleet is on the move are ambient, bordering on silent. Once combat starts though, you are accompanied in your escapades by the standard 'Hey look, it's a battle' sort of music, nothing to write home about.

Spaceman: Worthwhile career choice?

There is no doubt that Star Wolves 2, to those who are willing to invest some time in it and willing to explore the options and customisation with their fleet, holds massive appeal. However, to the more casual gamer, this game may be more daunting and confusing than anything else (casually sailing through the game without paying attention leads to the destruction of your mothership, trust me- I know). Thus, for those who played this games' predecessor, or are looking for an interesting new twist on the space/rpg genre, this game is more than worth looking out for. Finaly judgement however, will be passed in a future review.