Reservoir Dogs

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Reservoir Dogs


This is no 'collect the coins' type adventure, but a knock down, drag out bank robbery just like it should be

Who let the Dogs out

White shirts, black suit and tie, a straight razor, a can of gasoline, and the song "Stuck in the Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel can only mean 1 thing. All you Tarantino fans out there know I'm talking about Reservoir Dogs. The movie that really started Quentin Tarantino's mainstream career is now a game being developed by publisher Eidos and developer Volatile Games.

A colorful bunch

Just in case you haven't seen Reservoir Dogs, I will briefly outline the plot. Don't worry, I will keep it spoiler free. The movie centers around six professional crooks that are looking to pull off a bank heist. The mastermind of the job is a man named Joe. Instead of using their real names, Joe assigns a color to each of the men in order to keep their real names a secret. None of the robbers know each other, or what their real names are. Just in case any of the guys gets busted, not knowing real names is basically an insurance policy against getting ratted out.

For the entire movie the robbers are named Mr. Blond, Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Orange and, the always professional but high strung, Mr. Pink. Also included is the driver, Mr. Nice Guy. Ok, I know the last guy is not named for a color, but he is Joe's son so I guess he gets special privileges. Anyway, the heist goes bad, and the movie shows the aftermath. Most of the movie takes place in an old abandoned warehouse as the crooks meet up and interact with each other.

As a player you will be able to take control of the robbers with the colorful names and re-live events of the movie, as well as experience all the action from parts not seen in the movie itself. Fortunately the plot of the game will essentially be the same as the iconic film, only this time 'you' will get a chance to play each of the characters as they try to pull off the heist.


This is where the game comes in. The action will take place in true Tarantino style with scenes taking place in non-chronological order. Just like in the movie, most scenes in the game will take place in the warehouse but on top of that, scenes from before and during the heist come up as well. This includes scenes that are not in the movie itself. Better yet, not only will we see parts that we haven't seen before, we actually get a chance to play and experience them. For fans of the movie (like me) this is a really cool idea. I can only imagine how cool it will be to pull off the diamond heist and make my getaway.