Reservoir Dogs

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Reservoir Dogs


This is no 'collect the coins' type adventure, but a knock down, drag out bank robbery just like it should be

Gameplay (cntd.)

The game will have driving, as well as third person (on-foot) action. It will feature sixteen levels in total. Ten of which will be played in third person while you'll spend the other six driving. During the on-foot missions, you will be in complete control of your character. You'll be able to interact with other characters in the game up to a point that you can truly abuse their presence. For instance, if you find yourself in a mess and are pinned down by the cops, it is no problem to just grab a hostage and use them as a human shield. You can also use this human shield as a negotiation device. If you want to intimidate the cops or other characters, all you need to do is slam your hostage's head against the wall, or point a gun at their head. Doing so will fill up your intidimation meter, and persuade them to open vaults, safes, and locked doors.

Screeching tires

The driving portion of the game can range from trying to reach your destination to flat out cops and robbers style shootouts. As an added feature both your car and its driver will have their own health meters. If you drive recklessly through the city streets, your car will take damage which causes its performance to go down considerably. Take too many risks, and you will wind up with the driver being injured and unable to continue. From what I have seen so far, there will be a lot of great jumps, and screeching tires during the getaway.

Each of the available characters will have their own strengths and weaknesses, and will feature their own special moves. One of the special moves involves using a straight razor and a certain part of someone's head. There is enough variety in the characters and their moves to keep you from getting bored. If you're looking to improve your skill it is good to know that your characters' performance will be judged on a professional or psychotic rating system, as well as a threat meter. Cause enough hysteria with bystanders, and the cops will show up to put an end to your life of crime. Promising indeed!

The sound of music

No Reservoir Dogs game would be complete without the great music from the movie, and luckily enough, Eidos has secured the rights to all the songs featured in the film. This includes 'Stuck in the Middle with you'. And again for anyone who has seen the film this song is a great cut, and is perfect for the game. But there is more. Michael Madsen will do the voiceover for his movie character Mr. Blonde. None of the other characters will be participating however, which is a bit of a shame.

Speaking of dialogue, this will be an official warning to parents; Warning this game will feature very strong violence, and adult language? and lots of it! I can only commend Eidos for doing this though. Keeping the tone of the film and transferring it to the game is a bit of a PR risk but this game just would not work with a 'T' rating. This is no 'collect the coins' type adventure, but a knock down, drag out bank robbery just like it should be.