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Manipulating memories

Taking the High Road (cntd)

It also seems wholly necessary. The world of Remember Me is one of industrialization and technology run rampant. Getting from place to place often involves navigating paths totally unsuited to citizens. The architecture is sharp-edged and recessed. Catwalks and harsh-metal fittings protrude from the walls and work-worn robots buzz by scanning the landscape with spotlights. It all gives the impression that a factory is somehow bleeding into the city.

Dusty Knuckles, Disintegrated Brains

Like any evil corporation, Memorise isn’t going to make it easy and throws a number of obstacles in Nilin’s way. Combat works through an action-combo system similar to Rocksteady’s Arkham games. Nilin is capable of unleashing brutal combo attacks through specific button sequences. These chains are immutable, but the type of punch or kick unleashed by each is, allowing you to customize your fighting style. This system allows for a wealth of possibilities. Two players can use the same combo chain with radically different results.

Combos can be further customized using Pressens which reward your playstyle. These special fighting moves are purchased using a power nodes dropped from enemies; the longer you can chain moves together, the more power you receive. After they’ve been acquired, Pressens can be placed in your combo chains for extra damage, regen, the resetting of cooldowns, and duplicating previously used abilities. The further down the chain Pressens are placed, the more effective they are. Ending a chain with one for power or regen will result in a knockdown move or health boost depending on your choice.

The most unique aspect to game is the Memory Remixes. When Nelin has acquired a target, she is able to enter into a key memory and alter its components to change the holder’s motivations or destroy their mind entirely. In one example, Nelin can make her target believe she was infected with terrible memory degradation. This could work, but it could also backfire if she realizes that her memory has been altered. Instead, Nelin changes small elements, such as the positioning of a file, or object in the environment, and causes the hunter to question whether she wants Nelin dead in the first place. Memories can also be played out using a Memory Rewind feature. It’s in the subtle, Inception-like idea planting where the potential of Remember Me shines.

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Remember Me seems to offer a unique take on the tried-and-true science fiction formula that’s been so common in the last five years. It is refreshing to see a game eschew aliens and ancient technology in favor of a more cyber-punk feel. It also seems that Dontnod Entertainment is blending some of the best elements gaming has offered in the last few years and using them as tools of inspiration and fun gameplay. There is a lot of promise on tap with Remember Me, and it’s certainly a title worth paying attention to leading up to its June 4th, 2013 release date.