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An Untouched Region

It is very rare to see a game based around Native Americans. In fact, I really can't think of any that have been made to date. Sure some games may have hints of Indians in them or they are seen as savages and heathens like in Gun. The Inuit in me says "finally!" while I look across the screenshots for Prey. While the story, characters and situations are a bit on the nose, the gameplay definitely seems worthwhile.

You play as Tommy, a member from the Cherokee tribe whose life is headed nowhere. While he loves his girlfriend Jen and is a dedicated mechanic, he finds himself stuck in a cycle of endless unhappiness and does not truly appreciate his heritage. He dreams of leaving his reservation and finding new meanings to life, until he ends up having to save life itself. Tommy's people somehow found themselves the lucky owners of brand new slave jobs for an alien race looking for crew members to run their space ship. And guess what, Tommy's not too happy with his selected fate.

After visiting an ancestor who will undoubtedly tell you that you need to be one with your heritage and appreciate the gifts given to you, Tommy will find a way to rescue his girlfriend, save Earth and kill everything that moves. Alongside him will be a spirit hawk named Talon who can distract enemies, decipher alien jumble, let you know how Earth is holding up and hint at objects you should be paying attention to.

FPS Indian Style

If you're sick of human weaponry and space suits, have no fear. Prey's got your interests covered there too. You shouldn't completely rely on your guns and Talon to help you through puzzles. Based off of Cherokee mythology, a few new elements will be introduced to this rather typical gameplay. How about Gravity Flipping, Spirit Walking, Wall Walking and Deathwalk? These will definitely add some spice to your experience.

You must learn to master Spirit Walking. This truly out of body experience will allow Tommy to leave his flesh and blood self behind for a bit to explore unreachable areas and a trusty spirit bow for shooting. Watch out where you leave Tommy. If enemies spy his motionless body they will attack it, forcing you to return to it and take a lot of damage.

Lots of damage usually means death and re-spawning, sometimes, far away from where you fell. Prey doesn't make you trek back; instead you have to fight your way back to breathing with a bow and arrow in a type of 'underworld' area dubbed Deathwalk. The faster you can bring yourself back to life, the more health you will have. And presto, you are right in the exact same spot where you met the Grim Reaper.