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Overlord review


Release your evil side and squash the drunken halflings!

To be evil or not to be evil? (cont.)

Unfortunately, the storyline of Overlord is a linear one. Missions will open up in the available region and the next will open up upon the completion of the first, or through exploration. Though this may appear to offer a certain freedom of choosing where you wish to go first, in truth, in most cases the quests you find through exploration can not be completed until an item or ability is recovered through the completion of the first quest. Through random exploration, you can certainly see all the sights a zone my offer to you, but you might find yourself in over your head very quickly. Each area may have multiple missions listed, but again, the success of the missions listed may be dependent on the completion of the other ones.

Increasing the power of the Evil

Throughout your journey to recover your domain, you will come across many people and items. In most cases, none of it particularly useful to your growth. However, there are exceptions. As you clear areas and missions, you will recover Tower Artifacts that will increase or add to your abilities or spells. Also, you will often come across, sometimes as mission objectives, Tower Artifacts that will open new functions of your Dark Tower. With some effort the dungeon and forges can quickly be reopened and made functional. The Dungeon is more of an arena where you can hone your combat and leadership skills with your minions against any type of enemy you have previously defeated. The forge, on the other hand, will offer the chance to create and enchant weapons and armor for purposes of upgrading your weapons and armor. The selection available from your forge will depend on the type of forge recovered. It is safe to say that the more power the forge is capable of forging, the more powerful weapons will appear later in the game. However, even the basic forge you recover early on will give you the chance to change weapons by opening up the Mace and Sword options of the Overlord's armaments. More powerful forges will be able to forge armor components and even create weapons and armor from special materials offering greater damage and bonuses.

Another 'item' you will be called upon to recover is a Tower Mistress. Without going too much into it and spoiling anything, when you recover your Tower Mistress, she will unlock the options that will physically upgrade your Dark Tower. In most cases, these upgrades will only be visual and not provide much, if anything to actual gameplay. It is, however, nice to finally clear away the rubble and have your Dark Tower actually start to look menacing instead of a pile of shattered stone.

For the Overlord!

Overlord is a beautifully rendered game. Even though the menu options are limited to how you can tweak the visual effects, it makes full use of current lighting, shader and anti-aliasing effects. The world you are set to claim as your own is lush, vibrant and full of life waiting to be squashed out or conquered. The frame rate does drop substantially in some areas when the video setting is on high, but for the most part, it continues to run smoothly throughout the game.

The animations for your minions are endlessly entertaining by themselves. There always seems to be a small idle or combat animation that wasnt noticed before that makes you smile. The Combat can get hectic very quickly. As your horde and the horde of enemy troops clash, the battlefield may appear to be nothing more then a hodgepodge of special effects and flailing limbs.


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