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Smithing a PvP masterpiece

Finger Twitching Fun

And while it is worth learning and specializing in one class, it is far better to learn the tricks of every class so you know how to combat them. I was initially put off by the Warden, who was the only class whose purpose I could understand. What use would you have for a warrior when there is someone else who can literally light people on fire from across the map? When I started playing as her however, I discovered the joy of slamming opponents into the ground one second and immediately turning around and spinning my axe into the nearest Shamanís forehead. Word of advice: If a Warden starts running towards you, immediately turn in the opposite direction instead of shooting poison tipped arrows at them. They get angrier if you do that.

The arenas of combat are spectacularly impressive, as each has a variety of paths and hidden areas from which to engage in combat. The forest level in particular is a clear standout, as it has a combination of wide open spaces, underground lairs, and treetop bridges that allow for an immense variety of ambushes and sniper spots for cunning players to exploit. That, and it is massive in scope. I canít recall how many times I have gotten lost among the trees while running away from the opposing team.

Can You Feel That?

While this is a relatively minor note considering the full scope of the game, I believe that it is worth mentioning. In order to heal your character, you must either walk up to green glowing statues which will restore a quarter of your overall health, or someone playing as the Shaman must heal you. This was quite confusing at first, as it means that every attack that you fail to dodge or block counts. Battles then become wars of attrition, and I learned the hard way that those battles should not be fought on the steps of the opposing teams spawn point. And while I originally believed it to be a poor design choice, in retrospect I came to understand that it allows for Forge to be even more based on oneís skill than anything else. Having players auto heal would also cause many players to just hide in a corner until they reach max HP again. It makes battles far more interesting, as every attack that you make now has additional weight behind it.

If there is but one gripe that I can make about Forge, it is that I often have no idea whether any of my attacks are connecting. This isnít a problem if one is an Assassin or Warden, who require the player to be directly next to the enemy in order for an attack to connect, but it is for the ranged classes. I canít tell when my arrows connect and I was often squinting to see whether the opponent's health bar was lowered from an attack. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed by release and I hope that at least bigger text could be used to indicate a successful hit.

The Skill to Kill

Regardless, Forge is one of the first PvP based games that I have played where it didnít matter what level you were or what equipment you used. Skill is all that matters, and more importantly it is skill that can be learned easily. It will be interesting to see the direction Forge goes after launch, as the developers have plans to implement new maps and classes as Forge grows. Until then, Iíll be flying through the air, burning people to death. After all, what's more fun than a straight up PvP deathmatch?