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FIFA 15 review
William Thompson


A familiar friend

Presentation (cont.)...

The in-game presentation also includes match stats and highlights at half time. Player fatigue and area of possession, as well as the positions of where shots on goal have been taken as well as other statistics can be viewed. These half-time details can be particularly important for decision making after the break.

A huge crowd

The choice of game modes is as substantial as ever. Heaps of competition leagues have been included in the game, which means a heaps of players as well. FIFA has officially licensed 35 various leagues from around the world including more than 600 clubs. So it's fair to say that unless your favourite team plays in the Mozambique league, it will be playable in some form in FIFA 15. That being said, you will most likely to be able to play as your favourite football star. All the big stars feature, and for the most part, their likenesses are fairly accurate. If, though, your favourite player comes from one of the minor leagues, their features begin to be less accurate.

The Career modes (as a manager or as a player) still work well. Indeed, the Manager's mode runs far more fluidly than FIFA 14, mainly due to there being less time consuming press conferences (who wants to keep saying how good your team is under your management). Scouting for new players is more streamlined as well, allowing managers to find a player that best suits their needs. Managing the team remains fairly simple, selecting the players in their required positions and setting plays for them to perform. Everything can be micromanaged as much or as little as you like, meaning that FIFA series novices and pros are catered for. In game, I enjoyed the added options at corner kicks, with a number of set plays that can be used at the corner, such as having a player running to the near post. Scoring a goal off these set plays can feel quite rewarding.

Skills training

For those new to the FIFA franchise, the Skills Training area is of great value. Each of the skills tests work as mini-games, but also act as a pseudo-tutorial, teaching would-be Lionel Messi's the finer points of the games controls. Points are awarded for performances in these training drills, giving the gamer an incentive to top their score and in the process, improve their skills.

Great...but more of the same

I really love FIFA 15. I have a ball competing against artificial competitors, against friends, and against random opponents. Each requires a different strategy and playing style. The presentation remains amazing with great commentary, great visuals, and all the highlights packages you could ask for. There are plenty of modes for everyone and plenty of leagues to play in. The thing that lets FIFA 15 down for me is the same thing that I felt needed work in last year's version...the defensive controls. If the team at EA Sports gets the balance right between attack and defence, this game would be near perfect. But as it stands, FIFA 15 feels like a slightly improved version of FIFA 14, a game that itself was near footballing perfection.


fun score


Superb presentation, attacking moves are fluid


Defending controls are still an issue