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Fallout 3


After years of absence, Fallout will return, and how!

Attributes and Perks (cntd)

Adventuring in Fallout 3 will offer up a few new challenges most RPGs never take into account. Survival has traditionally always been a healing potion or curative spell away. Since Fallout 3 is of the post-apocalyptic nature, you won’t be finding any warm fuzzy feel-good spells to make the pain go away. Survival in the wastes will be made up of a careful balance of radiation intake.

Your PipBoy is equipped with Geiger counter, which will alert you when you wander into a radiated area. Untainted food and clean water is a major survival concern as well. Your character needs to eat and drink. Eating tainted food might just hurt as much as it will help and clean water sources are few and far between, so don’t be afraid to do some toilet drinking if it comes down to that. Indeed, toilets can in fact be a clean source of drinking water out in the wastes. Take it from where you can get it.

Mister Fix-It

The combat system will be blend of real-time and turn-based. Using VATS –which stands for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System- you can pause the action of combat to target specific locations of the targets body. Every major body part is a hit location for weapons fire. Head, legs, arms, torso and even the weapon being held are all valid targets. Dealing enough damage to any one area will result in certain outcomes during battle.

Using the turn-based combat mode is optional however. The default combat mode is free moving much like a First Person Shooter would be. The advantage of using VATS is a slightly higher chance to actually land that limb-removing shot versus trying to land the head shot while moving around like a madman. Two modes of combat suited for two very difference style of players make for a lot of happy players.

Finally, the player will live and die by their equipment. Over time and use, equipment will take damage, wear down and eventually cease to function or just break altogether. The way around this is to scavenge. If an enemy drops an intact weapon, the player can take it and use it as is, or break it down to a few usable components and repair or rebuild an old favorite weapon or perhaps even improve upon it.


As it stands, Fallout 3 is tentatively set for a late 2008 release. The anticipation of the title as already built to feverish heights, especially after the release of the 2007 E3 demonstration. Will Fallout 3 be the title to beat for 2008? Will it attain the same status of greatness the original Fallout did back in 1998? Will the Bethesda Softworks team score another major hit mirroring their accomplishment with Oblivion? Only time will tell but be sure when that time comes, Hooked Gamers will be there as we are every bit as anxious to play the full game as you are.