Dominions 3: The Awakening

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Dominions 3: The Awakening review


It will easily become a favorite to those who favor strategic thinking and patient gameplay

The learning curve

A brand new player to Dominions 3 will have a hard time at first with the interface. Playing through the tutorial, which requires the instruction manual on hand, is highly suggested. Once some time is spent climbing over the learning curve, the interface is actually very fluid and streamlined. Movement, territories and menu options are all easy to access with a right or left click. Zoom functions are ideal for those who enjoy large maps and the functionality of button and options are clear. In addition, just about everything has a tool tip that will appear at a click to better explain the purpose of a symbol or effect.

The battlefield interface is simple, but can be a little clunky at times in a large scale battle. Scrolling the battlefield using the arrow keys will allow you a full view of the combat, and selecting a combatant will allow you to open up a status window of the unit's condition and effects. This is a powerful tool for those wise enough to use it. Since you have very little control of the ongoing battle, the only information feedback you will receive is through this window, which will allow you to better organize your armies to mount a counterattack, or to improve your defensive positions to repel another attack.

The menu options are simple but effective. You can further customize the game through resolution manipulation that can grant very smooth gameplay be removing certain terrain effects. The menu also offers a benchmark tool to allow fine tuning according to your system specifications.

Pretender Gods = addictive play

As with any turn-based strategy game, the replay value is always good. Taking in consideration the enormous number of choices that can be made in creating the mythological Pretender Gods, the three different time eras and random mapping, it is almost a certainty that the game will never play the same twice. On top of a massive diversity of the single player mode, Dominions also offers multiplayer games in the way of the old fashioned "hotseat" game and the more convenient LAN game. No matter what flavor you want your Dominion experience to be, it will provide a lengthy and enjoyable gaming session.

No cardboard chits?

Dominions 3, with its turn-based structure feels and plays like one of those old favorite strategy board games that many of us may have grown up with. With its amazingly detailed combat system and multifaceted player customization, it will be easy for strategy game fans to find both challenge and enjoyment out of this title. Even with such drawbacks as dated graphics and sound effects, Dominions 3 overcomes these faults with solid gameplay and content. It will easily become a favorite to those who favor strategic thinking and patient gameplay opposed to instant gratification of mindlessly blowing up everything that moves or navigating countless "jumping" puzzles.


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