Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars


More Tiberium than you can shake a stick at

The old master of RTS returns

The Command and Conquer series has always been praised as one of the greatest RTS series in gaming history, if not the greatest. With amazing graphics, addictive gameplay, and a whole lot of strategically-based combat, it's no wonder that Command and Conquer is so beloved by strategy nuts everywhere. And with Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on the horizon, strategy fans have a lot to be excited about.

Welcome back, Commander

C&C3 follows the story of the battle between GDI and NOD. Over half of the world is controlled by NOD forces, with a meagre 20% of the world safe in what is called 'blue zones'. The remaining 80% of the world are in the red and yellow zones which are zones controlled by NOD. Blue zones are protected by GDI forces that are fighting against the NOD army in order to stop them from enslaving the world's inhabitants and transforming the world into a barren wasteland. The commander of the GDI army is controlled by you, the player, and you are in charge of leading the world's forces against the evil NOD brotherhood. Later missions will also include a third (gigantic bug-like alien) race known as Scrin.

Long-time C&C fans will be happy to hear that C&C3 does not stray far from its predecessors in the gameplay department. Controlling your army and building new structures and soldiers is just as easy as it ever was which should make long-time fans happy as well as not alienating newcomers to the series. There are loads of ways to take control of your army from commanding your infantry to take over abandoned buildings to use as extra attack and defence stations, to telling your band of engineers to repair broken bridges so you can initiate a raid on NOD bases.

Build, build, build...

Building new structures is also incredibly easy as you just select a structure to build from a streamlined menu and then just drag-and-drop the building on a location of your choice. The selection of structures available to build is also astounding. From barracks, which you use to train additional soldiers, to refineries where you can harvest Tiberium (more on that later) to use as 'money' for all the structures you're going to be building, to weapons of mass destruction. Speaking of which, the Ion Cannon from previous C&C games makes a return, but this time it is a little more powerful. It literally destroys anything in its gigantic radius.

The Battle for Tiberium continues

When you want to initiate combat, you simply direct your squad of soldiers (how many soldiers there are to a squad depends on the type of soldier) to an enemy base (usually indicated by a red paint job) and your men take it from there. Very easy, very simple. However, sometimes, there are few instances where your soldiers are confused as to where they should fire their weapons. You may click dead on an enemy infantry squad and your men will just stand there looking at the sky while the enemy shoots them down one by one. These instances are rare, but they do happen and it gets very annoying. Hopefully, EA fixes this and any other bugs that may have crept into the beta.