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Chrono Trigger review
Chris Scott


It's Time to Wake Up

Few changes, but still impressive

As I said earlier, Chrono Trigger did not get the remake overhaul that some other classic Square Enix games have recently received but that does not mean that the game looks bad. In fact on the DS Chrono Trigger looks remarkably impressive and is one of the best looking 2D games on the system. Just like the visuals the sound has remained intact as well but once again this is not a detriment to the game at all. Composer's Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu put together one of the finest soundtracks ever in gaming and it is here in all its glory. If the music in Chrono Trigger does not move you, I am not sure anything can.

The gameplay was not altered all that much either. From a tactical standpoint there were no changes made, but from an aesthetic and control standpoint there are a couple minor modifications, some of which can be completely turned off. Square decided to take advantage of the dual screens of the DS and got rid of the menus on the main screen. They also decided to take advantage of the touch screen capabilities which some may find to be more hit than miss, fortunately for purists you can turn off the touch screen modifications and play the game how it was originally designed.

There were a few new additions as well, making this more than just a simple re-release. Chrono Trigger DS introduces a multiplayer mode to the game. The mode is a simplified take on the Monster Hunter style of games and if you like monster farming and then making them battle this will be for you. Personally I don't see a need for multiplayer in a role-playing game like this but I am sure that there are some people who will get into it. The game also adds a movie player, so you can watch the cut-scenes whenever you want to and it allows for almost complete customization of all the gameplay options, from the speed of battle to the type of combat you will have. The biggest addition though has to be the two new areas, they add a little bit to the overall game but at times feel somewhat out of place due to their repetitiveness.

Timeless title

Chrono Trigger was and still is a great game. It's a true testament to the timelessness of this game because so much was left intact for this release. If you have yet to play Chrono Trigger (once again you should be ashamed) then this is the definitive release of the title - and if you are a fan of the game then you should definitely be getting this version. However if you have played the game and are not in love with it and need a reason to buy it, I'm not sure I can give you one as it really is the same game it has been for 14 years. But for me that is all it will ever have to be.


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