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Chrono Trigger review
Chris Scott


It's Time to Wake Up

Remake of a masterpiece

If you were to ask a random sampling of Japanese role-playing fans the question of what is their favorite game of all time (if not their greatest game of all time), a large number would say Square Enix's 1995 masterpiece Chrono Trigger. The game was originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and I remember quite clearly that I was not able to get it. The game had a retail price of $90 in my area and being a jobless 16 year old I did not have the money to get it. I sat by as the industry magazines and gaming fans gushed over the title until eventually the game slipped from my mind.

Then in 2001 Chrono Trigger was packaged with Final Fantasy IV as part of the Playstation's Final Fantasy Chronicles package. That version was a slightly modified version of the original SNES cart updated with anime cutscenes. Being as the price was much more reasonable (and I was employed) I was finally able to lay my hands on what many claimed to be the high water mark for Japanese role-playing games (JRPG). I'm not going to deny it I was highly impressed. Chrono Trigger did not play like a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest game, it was a new style of JRPG and it had a fantastic pace to it that made the entertaining story that much more enjoyable.

But let us stop reminiscing about the old days and get to why we are here. Square Enix has brought its opus to the Nintendo DS. That alone probably does not come as a surprise to anyone, being as Square Enix has a history of re-releasing their titles over and over again. But what may shock you is that unlike the recent remakes of Dragon Quest IV, Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger is brought to the system almost exactly as it did to the Playstation seven years ago, with a just a few new, yet small, modifications.

Excellent story

For those that have never played the game before on any other platform (and shame on you if you are a member of that group) the game's story revolves around Chrono and the time traveling adventures he takes with his group of friends to restore time and defeat the ultimate evil. I'm not going to spoil the story for anyone because it truly is one of the best stories ever in a JRPG but for those that already know the story, the game may offer you some incentive to play it because this version has been completely re-translated giving this version the ultimate translation available to players.


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