Team17 Rezzed 2014

Team17 Rezzed 2014


New games are being developed, and Team17 is making another foray into publishing third party titles.

The Escapists

Prison break isnt a theme often explored in video games. In The Escapists you are an inmate with a lot of options. You might want to start digging a tunnel under your cell, or take more risks by scaling one of the outer walls, or even go for an all-out approach and try and knock out guards and take their keys.

Its a free roaming world, where you can go wherever you please, but regular role calls and scheduled activities will keep you in line if you want to stay out of trouble. You will be able to perform tasks to earn some cash to exchange with other inmates. Or you could spend your time in the gym and get buff enough to start taking people out.

I started to dig a tunnel until I realised I would need to steal some wood from the woodcutting area to stop the walls collapsing. The basic art style belies surprisingly deep and intricate mechanics. It all seems so simple, but there are enough systems at work to prevent it from being easy.

Great British Game Jam Winners

Team17 recently won the Great British Game Jam, and brought some of their wares down to show off at Rezzed. The three games are all simple, but remarkably and frustratingly addictive.

Retry? is a simple game where you control a central device which fires beams in a straight line. All you have to do is rotate it to repel attackers which are flying towards you in varying patterns, and stay alive for as long as possible. The varying speeds of the enemies keep you on your toes and add a level of strategy to survival.

[R]evolve is a cleverly named game where you plant a single seed on your small planet and try and protect it from asteroids for as long as possible. Similar to Retry?, you must rotate the central planet, but this time you have to avoid incoming projectiles instead of destroying them. Lasting a wave grants you new seeds, and your existing ones will evolve, eventually growing up to be able to defend themselves.

Perhaps the most engaging of the three was On Track, though at the same it was the most fiendishly difficult. All you have to do is guide your vehicle around a track. Each press of the left and right mouse buttons turns you 45 degrees in the corresponding direction, with double tap turning you a full right angle. The track turns sharply, and the corners come fast, and you will probably only last a few seconds, but you will keep going back for more.