Team17 Rezzed 2014

Team17 Rezzed 2014


New games are being developed, and Team17 is making another foray into publishing third party titles.

The largest chunk of my time spent at EGX Rezzed this year was with Team17. “But wait!” I hear you cry. “Shouldn’t this article just be a preview of the next Worms game?” Excitingly, no, it shouldn’t. New games are being developed, and the company is making another foray into publishing third party titles. I saw six brand new games at the show, so hopefully you will find something here that tickles your fancy.


We will start off with the game that has the Team17 mark all over it. Think Lemmings mixed with Worms and add in a whole lot of cartoony gore and you will be close to an approximation of what Flockers is.

Your goal is to guide sheep to the end of each level, avoiding all the traps and falls along the way. It’s set in the Worms universe, in fact in the very facility that the weapons are made. The sheep have found out what their fate is, and don’t much want to be turned into explosives, so it is your job to help them escape.

As you’re probably aware, sheep aren’t too clever. They will just run in a straight line, and if that means running off a ledge or onto some spikes, then so be it. You will have to give them the power to jump, or give them a cape so they can scale high walls. You can order simple formations to be formed. For example one sheep can act as a stepping stone for others to climb up ledges.

It’s deceptively cute. It draws you in with charm, and then laughs at your look of horror as swathes of fluffy animals are crushed beneath a giant rolling wheel. Look out for Flockers coming to Steam Early Access over the next few months.


Now onto a game that is almost polar opposite in terms of style. Everything in Light is clean and sharp edged. You control a square, stealing data from a facility whilst avoiding the red square guards. Almost like Monaco set in a digital world.

Stealth is key, though there are combat options available. White squares pay no attention to you and will just go about their business. Killing them and stealing their identity will reduce the vision cones of guards and security cameras.

Getting spotted gives you a countdown to when the mission ends. Guards will chase you down, and once they have you cornered it’s nigh on impossible to get away, however you can escape and hide from them if you’re sneaky enough.

It’s tense, and tough, but rewarding once you manage to steal all the data and find the exit. The small development team wants to expand the game and bring in some voice talent for the story rather than relying on text logs. It will all make for an interesting product when it finally releases.