Iron Monkey Studios on Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Iron Monkey Studios on Mass Effect: Infiltrator


Mass Effect: Infiltrator developed by Iron Monkey Studios has been in production for over a year and little is known about it. So to find out more, I headed down to their Melbourne offices to see what I could discover about the game.

Iron Monkey Studios on Mass Effect: Infiltrator
Hooked Gamers: Why have you chosen to develop the game for iOS devices? And have you considered developing for other platforms?

Jarrad Trudgen: The studio has been developing games for mobile devices since 2005. The founders, all local console developers saw a gap in the market for high quality mobile games and started the studio with a goal to capture that market. The shift from mobile to iOS development was an obvious evolution. We have also developed for Android devices and are putting more of a focus on getting Android games out much closer to the iOS release; the Android Infiltrator build is already well underway.

We’ve developed quite a bit of expertise at cramming big game experiences into little devices over the years and have enjoyed a lot of success on the App Store so it makes sense for us to continue developing for these platforms right now.

Hooked Gamers: Why have you chosen to develop Mass Effect: Infiltrator as a third-person shooter?

Jarrad Trudgen: The high level goals for the game were all arrived at through consultation with BioWare. There was a previous Mass Effect game on iOS that was a top-down affair, and neither IronMonkey or BioWare wanted to continue down that path. Our other third-person shooter, Dead Space, was well received and the team had built some great tools and skills in making that kind of game so it was a fairly easy decision to take a similar direction with Infiltrator.

Iron Monkey Studios on Mass Effect: Infiltrator
Hooked Gamers: Where does Mass Effect Infiltrator fit within the Mass Effect Universe?

Jarrad Trudgen: Infiltrator is a self-contained story that runs parallel to the events of Mass Effect 3. You play as Randall Ezno, a Reaper-tech enhanced Cerberus agent whose mission is to capture aliens for Cerberus’ experiments.

Hooked Gamers: How long will the campaign take gamers? Can they save their progress?

Jarrad Trudgen: The campaign is broken up into nine environments, each with four to six checkpoints or a Boss battle which give players a score of up to three stars. Our final round of playtesting saw average times of between 4-6 hours to complete the game once. With the star ratings, gamers will be able to run through unlocked areas again in any order to gain the possible three stars, earn more credits and acquire all the weapons, biotics and abilities.

Progress is auto-saved at each checkpoint, but as long as the game isn’t closed down completely, gamers can pick up where they left off between checkpoints.