Roman Tsoy on PT Boats: South Gambit

Roman Tsoy on PT Boats: South Gambit


Akella recently released PT Boats: South Gambit, a standalone expansion of their World War 2 naval simulation PT Boats: Knights of the Sea. We had a chat with Roman Tsoy, discussing the many facets of the game and more.

Roman Tsoy This feature was available in Knights of the Sea as well and it allows the player to immerse into the unique atmosphere of the battle and evaluate the present situation from a crew member or captain’s perspective. In South Gambit, we have given the player more tools to influence the battle. Controlling a person on the ship, you’ll for instance able to maneuver quicker, choose your own targets and open fire as you please. Meanwhile, the AI will direct the rest of ships in the fleet and attempt to fulfill the objectives.

Hooked Gamers Naval combat sims have been done before, so what does PT Boats: South Gambit bring to the table that’s new and refreshing?

Roman Tsoy on PT Boats: South Gambit
Roman Tsoy Our aim has always been to extend upon the existing gameplay elements of more traditional navy simulators in such a way that it our games become more accessible to a broader audience than your average hardcore sea-dog. We have added different modes of control like a 2D map, a 3D tactical mode and the First Person view of navy personnel. At the same time we aspired to simplify these modes as much as possible. Besides that, we believe we have succeeded very well in creating historically accurate and highly detailed models along with realistic physics of water and ballistics.

Hooked Gamers How diverse and historically accurate are the missions that you’ll undergo, and is there any replay value beyond beating the campaign?

Roman Tsoy The Mediterranean and Black Sea campaigns have a number of missions for each side. At the start of these missions, the historical conditions are close to the real thing as possible. After that, players have the unique opportunity to play out battles in their own fashion while still attempting to confront them with certain historical events.

Hooked Gamers Because the game ships with a mission editor, will you be supporting easy methods for custom content distribution as well as diverse tools for the modding community?

Roman Tsoy We are very interested in what the modding community is doing and give them every room to do so. All the resources, script architecture and configuration of the game engine are completely open and ready to be modded and a mission editor is available as well.

Hooked Gamers As our interview comes to a close it is our tradition to give you the opportunity to share something about the game or something else entirely. We’re all ears!

Roman Tsoy on PT Boats: South Gambit
Roman Tsoy There are a lot of interesting things today in the industry, we can spend hours speaking about it, but if I have to mark something out… I really like to keep an eye on mobile and tablet computing. What’s especially interesting and intriguing for me is technology of nVidia Tegra 2. I’m watching it closely as a potential platform for modern mobile game content.

Hooked Gamers Where can gamers buy PT Boats: South Gambit?

Roman Tsoy The English version of the game is available now and can be purchased on In Germany, Austria, and the German speaking part of Switzerland the game has also been released this January by our German partner Rondomedia (both in retail and digital channels).

Hooked Gamers Well that brings our interview to a close, and once again I would like to thank you for doing this interview. I certainly hope to see more games in the PT Boat series.

Roman Thank you and the Hooked Gamers audience for your interest in us. We will be glad to answer the questions from readers in comments or in the forum. We really hope to develop and evolve the PT Boats series, as well as the genre as a whole hope to “meet you” many times in the future.