Visual impressions from the Eurogamer Expo

Visual impressions from the Eurogamer Expo


The Expo ainít over until we say it is. Following on from my hands-on time with a few of the games there, letís have a look at the ones I could only gaze longingly at.

Fallout: New Vegas

Iíll be quick as this is out now, which is why I didnít play it. Fallout: New Vegas is looking gorgeous (for the now-ancient Oblivion engine) and lots of fun. I really wish Iíd actually picked up the pad just to check how big the map is, but I suspect itíll be huge and with plenty in it to explore. Writing seems far more entertaining than in Fallout 3, which is that gameís only major flaw in my opinion. All the extras Ė like the insane-sounding Hardcore mode, where you have to eat and drink and ammo has weight Ė sound like superb additions. All of us here at HG are tremendously excited to play this right now.

Visual impressions from the Eurogamer Expo

Kirbyís Epic Yarn

Also out now in the States, but bafflingly just a vague Ď2011í in Europe (I thought weíd got past this stage Nintendo?), Kirby is looking utterly delightful. Itís very much like Travellerís Talesí Lego games, where you canít die and the challenge is all from puzzles and collecting. Except in yarn rather than plastic foot-fodder. Everyone playing was really enjoying it, so much so it became difficult to get on (in comparison it was easy to get a game of GoldenEye or Donkey Kong Country Returns). As the reviews are starting to spin out now I can see that most reviewers have taken a shine to it too.

3D Gaming

3D was slightly under-represented at the show, hopefully because most people really hate wearing tacky glasses or looking at a blurry screen. This is most of the reason why my Killzone 3 notes above were so short, as the screens were all in Drunk Vision and there was only one pair of beer goggles per screen.

Visual impressions from the Eurogamer Expo

However, nVidia made a proud showing with several PC games (a system thatís had 3D technology for ages and wonít cost all the gold in Scrooge McDuckís Money Bin to finance a TV for). Mafia II was slightly unimpressive, it has to be said, and the 3D didnít really add anything to the experience. Starcraft II on the other hand was incredible. Every part of the environment had depth and seemed utterly solid, like a pop-up book with real living pop-ups.

But still we still canít get over those troublesome Ė for me particularly so, wearing my own pair Ė glasses. The Nintendo 3DS was sadly not on show, much like it wasnít at PAX, and Nintendo really need to get that tech out there to prove that their 3D actually works. Until then everyone will remain skeptical, as right now 3Dís just too expensive and uncomfortable to get involved in.