Larry Liberty on Fallout: New Vegas

Larry Liberty on Fallout: New Vegas


We talked with Larry Liberty, the Lead Producer on Fallout: New Vegas. Larry details the continuity of Fallout 3 to New Vegas and all the new features in Fallout: New Vegas.

Hooked Gamers: Hi. Thanks for participating in our interview. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what it is you do on the team?

Larry Liberty: My name is Larry Liberty, and I'm the Lead Producer on Fallout: New Vegas. I manage the production team and two of our five cross-discipline content teams. The primary function of the production team is scope management. Of equal importance is resource utilization - in other words, making sure that what we are doing is the most efficient and intelligent thing to do given time and budget constraints. It's more fun than it sounds. Really!

Larry Liberty on Fallout: New Vegas
Hooked Gamers: The Fallout series has taken players through various areas and tricky situations in post-apocalyptic America. Fallout 2's plot was closely connected to that of the original Fallout. Will this game have a connection with any of the previous Fallout games? Or even to Wasteland, the predecessor of the Fallout series. Will the stories of the previous games act as ancient history or simply be ignored?

Larry Liberty: There are some direct links to Fallout 2 and some connection to Fallout 3 in the New Vegas plot. The game itself is closer chronologically to Fallout 3 than it is to Fallout 2 (taking place 4 years after the events in Washington DC). Vegas is simply closer geographically to the locales of Fallout 1 and 2, and is more familiar to the developers on the team that worked on those titles.

Larry Liberty on Fallout: New Vegas
Hooked Gamers: Fallout 3 kept players glued to their seats for days just to get through the main plot, and the time it took them to get through all the sidequests and downloadable content extras could only be measured in weeks. The game will add a lot of new content to the world of Fallout but will the player have enough missions and quests to try all the new gadgets out?

Larry Liberty: Fallout: New Vegas is a huge game, so I think there will be plenty of opportunity to experiment with all the new weapons and perks. That said there are so many new perks that people will need to play more than once to gain them all.

Hooked Gamers: Fallout 3 had many potential endings. Depending on the character's gender, karma and whether or not he added the modified FEV virus to Project Purity, players would get a series of cut scenes explaining how the story ended for their particular character. Fallout: New Vegas is a follow-up to Fallout 3, but how do you connect the actions taken in the previous game's last hours to the plot of this game?

Larry Liberty: For narrative and geographic reasons, there is no direct story continuity from Fallout 3 to Fallout: New Vegas. There are some ties to the events of Fallout 3, but they are not overt.

Larry Liberty on Fallout: New Vegas
Hooked Gamers: The games in this series have always had an evil entity lurking in the background trying to bring about the end of something deeply important to the player. In Fallout 3 it was the supercomputer posing as the real president of the United States. Will this game have a new Big Threat for the player to fight? Will the player be able to choose sides, factions or simply go it alone?

Larry Liberty: There isn't necessarily a single Big Threat. For the player that chooses the "good" path, there is at first glance a terrifying presence in the form of Caesar's Legion. But, things aren't quite as black and white as they were in Fallout 3. One man's hero really could be another's villain, and you have all of those options - choosing sides or factions, or just going at it alone.
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