Kamaal Anwar on ArcaniA: Gothic 4

Kamaal Anwar on ArcaniA: Gothic 4


Gothic 4 is the first title in the Gothic series not being developed by Piranha Bytes, and as such, represents a rebirth of sorts for the franchise. Producer Kamaal Anwar was kind enough to answer our questions on how Gothic has evolved from its third installment to Gothic 4.

HookedGamers: Considering the new developer and numerous name changes, how much of a link is there between Gothic 4 and previous Gothic installments?

Kamaal Anwar: It is very much Gothic 4. Everything from the characters to the story are centric to Gothic. For those who have played the previous games, there are payoffs that only they will appreciate. However, the game has been designed with newcomer accessibility in mind. Gamers will not have to be familiar with Gothic to enjoy this installment.

Kamaal Anwar on ArcaniA: Gothic 4
HookedGamers: Gothic 3’s buggy nature put off many gamers. What steps have you taken to ensure Gothic 4 is a cleaner experience?

Kamaal Anwar: That’s completely understandable. With Gothic 4 we have been very conscious of the impact every choice has on the stability of the game. Quality Assurance has been part of every step in the development of this project.

HookedGamers: Gothic 3’s melee combat also proved to be clunky and frustrating for gamers. How have you changed it in Gothic 4?

Kamaal Anwar: Because this is an entirely new codebase, we’re not working with any problems that existed from the previous games. The combat design has been entirely reworked from the ground up and has been of constant internal scrutiny. Without going into detail into how it works, it’s very much focused on an active experience.

HookedGamers: How has ranged combat and magic evolved from Gothic 3 to Gothic 4?

Kamaal Anwar on ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Kamaal Anwar: Ranged Combat and Magic has been refined. We’ve made great efforts in ensuring every method of combat is fun and fulfilling. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages for using the various types of combat in different situations, and while some gamers will strategies to make optimal use of all their options, other gamers will stick to their favorites and take advantage of our skills system to become more proficient in that choice.

HookedGamers: Can you talk about some of the factions in Gothic 4 and what role they’ll play in the game?

Kamaal Anwar: Gothic fans will recognize factions such as the Orcs, Rebels, and Rangers. Conquering all others is Rhobar III’s Paladin’s. Indiscriminately expanding they’ve spread through most of the world leading them to the Southern Isles. Much of the game takes place on Argaan where our new hero takes up arms against them.

HookedGamers: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Kamaal Anwar: We’re very excited to reveal more, but we’re holding out for E3! :)