Ivan Magazinnikov on Armored Princess

Ivan Magazinnikov on Armored Princess


King's Bounty: The Legend was one of the most surprising strategy titles of 2008. We spoke to Ivan Magazinnikov about its standalone expansion called Armored Princess.

King's Bounty: The Legend was one of the most surprising strategy titles of 2008. We spoke to Katauri Interactive's Ivan Magazinnikov about its standalone expansion called Armored Princess.

Hooked Gamers: Hi! Thanks for participating in our interview. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what your job is in the team?

Ivan Magazinnikov: Good day. My name is Ivan Magazinnikov and Im a game designer at Katauri Interactive. Im responsible for the conceptual aspect of the game, and hence the gaming process.

Hooked Gamers: So close to the release date it is odd that so little is known about the storyline. Can you reveal a little bit more of the adventures that lie ahead?

Ivan Magazinnikov on Armored Princess
Ivan Magazinnikov: Nothing strange here, because the ad campaign outside Russia is just about to start. So its been 10 years since the events of King's Bounty: The Legend. Bill Gilbert left to explore new worlds, and at that very inconvenient moment the Arch-Demon Baal invades Endoria with his humungous demon army. The player assumes the role of the grown-up princess Amelie and puts off to Teana to look for her mentor Bill Gilbert.

We are to explore a whole new world, find Bill and solve the ancient prophecy of another world in order to come back home. Teana faces hard times, so beware of conspiracies and uprisings, ancient monsters and almighty magicians awaiting you on the way to the victory. The young king Friedrich, who lost his crown due to treason, is our ally in this quest.

Hooked Gamers: Will gamers have to own the original game to be able to play this one, or can it be installed on its own?

Ivan Magazinnikov: No. The Armored Princes is a self-contained sequel and does not require original game.

Hooked Gamers: The game is set in the same universe as Kings Bounty: The Legend. We assume that many locations from the original game will make a return. Can you describe some of the new areas in the game? And, compared to the original game, how many locations are new?

Ivan Magazinnikov: The universe is indeed the same, but the world is different (smiles). The players are getting 14 islands and continents of the world of Teana at their disposal. We estimate the gameplay to be about 30 hours in total. Maybe five minutes spent in the capital of Darion thats probably the only thing left in the game from the old locations.

Hooked Gamers: The game will include new spells. Were most intrigued by the Wanderer Magic spells. How do these work?

Ivan Magazinnikov: This is a special magic that should be used right on the worlds map before combat. There are eleven unique spells that can increase your heros characteristics for several combats. You can also summon new troops to your army, and these will stay forever. These spells can only be found as scrolls. For instance, Eagle Vision boosts your Leadership, Source of Magic increases mana for two combats and Birth of Giant will summon an random troop of 5th level creatures to your army, including Black Dragons and Trolls!

Hooked Gamers: Princess Amelie is accompanied by a pet dragon. Will it grow in size or just in strength when the game progresses? What sort of uses does the dragon have?

Ivan Magazinnikov on Armored Princess
Ivan Magazinnikov: Im afraid that a couple of gaming months will not be enough for the pet dragon to grow. But meanwhile his power will ascend multifold. You will have to spend Rage to summon the Pet Dragon in combat. It possesses nine abilities, which can be improved upon as the Dragon gains new levels. It is able to push the enemies back, excavate chests and altars during combat, and bring eggs that give birth to a troop of allied creatures to fight on your side. It can clone itself, cast fireballs and blast enemy units with self-guided pillars of lava. By the way, you can choose any out of seven colors for the Dragon, and each of them gives special bonuses and initial strikes to the Player.