Areal, A Real Mess

Fishy. That is putting it nicely for Areal by West Games. Other fitting words? Fraudulent, scam, underhanded, etc. Surfacing acting as though they were the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, West Games has been caught in several lies already including the alleged letter from Vladimir Putin and his daughter, the Russian President. Yeah, that Putin. As of seven hours ago, the funding for the project has been suspended on Kickstarter, to the joy of people who saw the scam for what it was and to the dismay of backers who were just hoping for a new game.

Showing great unprofessionalism leading up to this, anyone who was skeptical in both amateur and professional media outlets were toted by the developers to be trolls. They went as far as to compile an entire list of names in an effort to slander and discredit those who spoke out against them. This incident is one of the times where the dark side of Kickstarter can be noticed, however, luckily it was stopped before it could be taken any further.

Leading up to this there was speculation that the more substantial backers were actually being funded through from dummy companies West Games owned to try to convince people to further back the project, and made promises to somehow fund the game for multiple platforms for less than $60,000 with all money after that to be used for improving the project. This set off red flags almost everywhere, and we were never shown much more than concept art and very brief instances of gameplay on the Unity engine.