Star Trek (2013)

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Star Trek (2013)


Boldly going where no Star Trek game has gone before...

Darmok and Who at Where?! (cntd)

The dynamitic difference between the two characters is again demonstrated during the combat sequence. Kirk, being the ambitious, nigh-reckless character that he is, is very offense-oriented in his gameplay so his phaser can be ungraded over time to include a vaporization mode in addition to the standard kill and stun modes. Spock is more defensive in nature and also has abilities and upgrades unique to his character such as the ability to utilize a particle cannon that can knock out enemy shields or the ability to mind meld with the enemy, confusing them into attacking their own teammates.

The firefight lasts for several moments, Kirk blasting away from cover and vaporizing a few aliens while Spock is able to sneak behind one and performs a mind meld. Suddenly attacked from the rear, Kirk is knocked down after falling into a rising yellow cloud. Kirk calls for Spock’s help as he has become infected by the same parasite that killed the red shirt crewmember they found earlier. Taking Kirk over his shoulder, the two travel to the medical bay, Spock’s player walking them toward their destination while Kirk fires away at approaching enemies, his vision slowly turning yellow and blurring as time passes by.

Arriving at medical, Spock places Kirk on a surgical gurney and begins scanning him. A monitor displays several parasites that have invaded Kirk’s body and Spock is forced to do a small interactive sequence in which he uses a surgical laser to rid him of the infecting agents. Depending on how many dead bodies were scanned with a tricorder prior to the firefight in the shuttle bay the sequence can be easier. As enemies burst into the room, Kirk provides covering fire as Spock attempts to kill the parasites. With the removal of each parasite Kirk’s vision steadies, allowing him to aim better and see more of the environment. Finishing up the task, Spock joins Kirk in fending off the invading aliens.

Stepping off the gurney, Kirk picks up a Federation phaser rifle. More powerful than his captain-issue phaser, the rifle’s helps even the odds. After another wave of enemies pins them down, Kirk uses the rifle’s secondary fire option, a portable shield, and takes cover behind it. Kirk orders Spock to shoot his shield which succeeds in giving it more strength. As the combat continues Kirk uses his tricorder to explode a panel next to an enemy, killing him. Just when the two think that they’ve exhausted the enemy’s reinforcements, a more powerful one teleports into the room. After a short firefight Kirk is knocked unconscious...

Set Phasers to Fun

The next adventure of the USS Enterprise and her crew is still a year away from us and many questions are left unanswered: who attacked the Enterprise? Where is the crew? How does this tie into the two movies? My brief time with Star Trek was a wonderfully sweet tease and, as the son of a Trekkie, I get the feeling that the dedication Digital Extremes is putting into the game will be well worth it to both old fans and newcomers alike. At this point in development there’s a lot of potential for upping the ante for fans such as utilizing the voice talents of Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, but the developers weren’t ready to confirm such a possibility.

I’ve always likened Star Trek games to Superman ones: no one has ever really gotten them or the characters right. If Digital Extremes can deliver on the promise of what I saw that Wednesday afternoon, I can’t help but think that finally, for the first time in a very long time, the series might finally get a game that’s worthy of the long running series’ universe, characters and fan appreciation.