Sniper: Ghost Warrior

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior review
Chris Priestman


Up for a game of Duck Hunt?

Guerilla Warfare

As you can imagine, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a much slower paced game than other shooters. When you are not sniping down enemy targets from a distance you use throwing knives, silenced pistols and grapple hooks to get across the treacherous environment. These sections are quite well executed. Particularly the missions during the night when you are on tender hooks, listening to a backing track that resembles a haunting Stanley Kubrick film. Alerting the guards to your presence will trigger an alarm and send half an army after you. Not to worry though as I discovered, it is actually possible to defeat them all with a small, silenced pistol or by running around firing the sniper from the hip. At times the game seems too easy and although at first I thought stealth was the only way to progress, you can swap your sniper for an assault rifle and mow the enemies down. For a game with such a title, I did not expect this to be the case. In certain missions it is required to remain undetected or you are greeted with the familiar mission failure screen. But for the most part I found it easier to run and gun.

And at times you will actually have to. Much to my surprise the game adheres to the usual conventions of the genre by having you play as a foot soldier. I wish that were not the case. These sections are generic, riddled with bugs and far too easy. As the foot soldier you are given insufficient ammo at times, but it will not matter when you are facing enemies that are as deadly as a toddler with a rattle.

Too Many Snipers

After reaching the very abrupt ending to the short single player, you may be tempted to delve into the game's multiplayer. You might want to question what you are expecting from it though. Considering most FPS multiplayer experiences are fast paced, diverse and very addictive, can you expect this from a game centring on sniper gameplay alone? The short answer is no. Something different then? Something fresh and new to the multiplayer experience? You could say that, but as matches consist of a bunch of guys in ghillie suits sitting patiently for someone to move, I would not go in that direction.

I am all up for something new, especially for a multiplayer that is calmer and takes a tactical edge to secure victory. Upon venturing into Sniper: Ghost Warrior’s multiplayer I thought this was going to be the case. What I was greeted with was a dull, waiting game in which the victor was the one who could resemble a bush for the longest amount of time. You have just four weapons to choose from, all snipers, and the maps are designed so that each match is the worst envisioned Mexican standoff ever. I honestly expected a much better attempt with the multiplayer but was just left bored. The most excitement I got was to act like the ducks in Duck Hunt, jumping out of cover to see how many shots I could attract whilst doing a perfect pirouette.

More Of A Ghost Than A Warrior

Sniper: Ghost Warrior had potential in its concept and with the hype around snipers within the gaming community. Unfortunately, due to a lack of conviction in being different from more popular titles and a poor execution in its realism, the game is disappointing. Its perks are found within its sniping, but it is still not up to scratch and the rest of the game simply drags behind. It is a gorgeous looking game, though only from a distance, offering a change in palette from the usual FPS. Another downfall is the short single player that only offers a replay on hard or to find the secret laptops which are hidden in fairly obvious places. The multiplayer aspect is barely worth a mention and is clearly just tacked on because every FPS has to have multiplayer it seems. Anyone for a game of Duck Hunt?


fun score


Breathtaking scenery and a neat bullet cam mode


Put the word bad in front of: AI, textures, multiplayer and adherence to realism.