Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare review
Ryan Cope


Never ending nightmare

Tasks of the Undead

The only way to get around the map quickly is to fast travel from safe house to safe house, but the only way of doing this is saving a town first. So it is recommended to try and save as many as possible, if not all, of the towns from total destruction. The lack of society also means the money is worthless Ė there is no currency in Undead Nightmare.

The only thing you really need is ammo. It is hard to come by at first, as you find yourself scrounging for a handful of bullets by searching the dead bodies of the, well dead. You begin the game carefully conserving their ammunition for when it really counts, but by the end you will have enough weapons and ammunition that you can afford to toy with the zombies by popping a cap in their legs and watching them limp, even more, towards you.

There are big ones, small ones, slow ones, spitting ones

The enemies you face off against in Undead Nightmare come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are a variety of different zombie types that have dissimilar traits, but all are killed in the same old fashioned style Ė by shooting them in the head. So you have got your normal zombies, slow buggers with a limp who can gain a fair bit of speed on you when they are hungry. On their own, not much of a threat at all, just watch out for the teeth. In a group? Deadly. Make sure you donít get swarmed by these brain hungry butt munches.

Then you have got you big fat zombies (Left4DeadEsq.) who can take a hell of a lot of damage and not slow down. They charge at you and send you flying to the ground, which isnít great if you have got a swarm of normal ones nearby, ready to feast on your fresh flesh. Then there are the dodgy dog-like ones. Tall, skinny and lanky little pests who run on all fours at extremely fast speeds, you donít want to get chased by these butt snappers while on foot. And finally there is the acid spitting ones, so dead and decomposing that they somehow manage to spit balls of flesh searing sickness at you from a long distance. Best solution, get a rifle and blow their heads to smithereens before they get close enough to fire.

As if the ďhumanĒ ones arenít bad enough, you need to watch out for zombie dogs, coyotes, wolves, bats and the big bad dangerous bears. But all is made easy with the wide arsenal that you will have at your disposal. Besides all the weapons from Redemption, there are a few new brain busting armaments that will help you out. Bait will attract zombies to a certain location, which is brilliant when you have got an army right on your tail and you need a momentís breather. Useless though if you are in the middle of nowhere with not a single zombie in sight. This can later be combined with a stick of dynamite that attracts the undead to it before blowing them into tiny, even deader, pieces.

Then there is holy water, an explosive fire bomb that burns the already decrepit and maggot ridden flesh of the undead. The explosive rifle is tons of fun and one bullet will have the slumping zombie explode into a fountain of blood and maybe even take a few of his friends with him. This is great for long range but is nothing compared to the old fashioned Blunderbuss. Instead of using typical ammo, this ancient relic of a weapon takes undead body part and turns them into an earth shattering wide range blast of pure zombie splattering hell. Probably the best weapon by far, especially helpful at taking out a large group at once.

Never Ending Nightmare

To put it quite simply, Undead Nightmare is what every DLC for any game should aim to be like as the highest quality of expansion. Not for the zombie quality (although that is super cool) but the fact that it lasts for well over 6 hours and still has plenty of things to do even once the game is complete. If this isnít enough, the sheer zombie hunting, flesh eating entertainment provided is enough to give anyone hours of engaging and enjoyable amusement. As if Red Dead Redemption wasnít good enough, Undead Nightmare is truly the icing on the cake; itís what gaming is all about Ė enjoyment in its purest form.


fun score


Ridiculously fun, with fast paced comical and scary gameplay that fulfils every zombie loverís dream of surviving in an open world game.


It hasnít been turned into a feature length game yet!