Lost Planet: Colonies Edition

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Lost Planet: Colonies Edition


Lost planet goes cross platform

Jam Packed

Lost planet surprised many when it debuted on the Xbox 360 over a year ago. The game had very solid gameplay and quickly developed a dedicated online fan base. Even today, you can log on to Xbox live and discover a large group still playing together. Lost Planet: Colonies Edition is a super sized version of last years hit. All the downloadable content is included. There are new items and some exciting new online game types too.

What's New?

The single player story is untouched, however there are a few new modes to play through. Score Attack is similar to the arcade mode in Call of Duty 4; you get points and multipliers on how well you dispose of your enemies. Off Limit Mode makes you supercharged and lets you rip through the game with super speed and unlimited ammo. Trial Battle mode is where you are faced against each boss of the game, one after the other, until you die.

The majority of new content can be found in the online multiplayer mode. There are six new game types: Egg Bandit, VS Annihilator, Akrid Egg Battle, CounterGrab, Point Snatcher and Akrid Hunter. Egg Bandit pits you against everyone else on the team; you must take an Akrid egg from one point and drop it in a specific area, all the while trying not to get shot or have the egg stolen from you. VS Annihilator is a team based game type where each team gets one VS suit and tries to destroy the one of the opposing team while defending their own. Akrid Egg Battle is a basic Capture the Flag game type only with eggs; grab the enemys egg from their base and return it to your own. CounterGrab is a point based team game type; activate your Data Posts and keep them lit to win. Point Snatcher is a straight up death match mode. The player with the most Thermal Energy (dropped from dead bodies) wins.

The last one, Akrid Hunter, is the most bizarre multiplayer mode yet. This game type picks one or more players at the start of the game to be the Akrid and the rest work together as humans to take them down. Akrid are large, cumbersome beasts that are very slow and hard to manoeuvre. The humans are nimble and can dodge attacks fairly easily, but one well placed hit from an Akrid means instant death. Humans must therefore work together to take down the Akrid, shooting at their glowing weak spots to kill it.