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Iron Man 2 review
Ryan Cope


Bargain bucket game at best

Technology…Yea Right

The gameplay of Iron Man 2 is a bit rough. For a character that spends the majority of his time flying or hovering, the airborne mechanics are definitely not perfect. Out in the open it is not bad, but in tight environments the controls become clunky and you will find it hard to traverse with ease. The targeting system will often become exceedingly frustrating. If there is an enemy above you and another beneath you, the target lock (and camera) will get stuck staring up at the one above you, even if you are trying to look at the other one.

The few boss battles that you will partake in (some being the same type of enemy over and over again) don't feel epic or particularly spectacular. Even the final boss - a Godzilla sized robot - is frustrating and glitchy, making it nearly impossibly at times to get near him or land a blow. As for normal enemies, you will spend most of your time blasting things constantly from a distance while hover strafing around the larger units. To make it more annoying you will constantly be pounced upon from behind by the runts of the pack that don't act as a challenge, rather a pure irritation.

At the start and end of each level you will be "treated" to a cut scene that is, in all honesty, atrocious. The graphics are the type that was seen back in the days of the original Xbox or the PS2. They are definitely not worth this generation of consoles and in no way can be classed as hi-definition, unless you want to refer to it as highly defined crap. And to make it worse. The sound effects are cheap and unrealistic while the voice acting makes you want to cry. The only good voice talents come from Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson, who play their respective character roles. As for the star of the title, the voice "talent" for Tony Stark will grate on your eardrums after the first few seconds of speech.

Iron Man 2 or Cardboard Box Boy?

Sega promised that Iron Man 2 would be better than the original game. Well they were right… it was better at sucking. Although it does have some value to it such as customisation, suit options and the ability to play as War Machine, they just aren't flushed out enough to stand out from the pile of crap that surrounds it. The best part of Iron Man 2 is being able to say you are playing as Iron Man, and that is only if you care.

If you are an achievement junkie with the Xbox 360, then you will find that you can easily gain all of them with a fair few hours of your time and the ability to grind mindlessly. While it offers a few hours of senseless blasting things into scrap pieces, it is not a game that you would be happy that you have spent forty odd quid on. It is a bargain bucket game at best.


fun score


You get to play as Iron Man or War Machine… that's pretty much it.


Almost everything, length, graphics, sound, gameplay, you name it.