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Ilomilo review
Chris Priestman


Cuteness and complexity unite

Give Me More! (cntd)

That is always a sign of a well-made puzzle game as it educates you in its progression. By the end of the game though I found that the game had somewhat ran out of challenges for me and I sped though each stage at a rather quick pace.

In a matter of about 5-7 hours I had 100% completed the game and found it quite disappointing that there were not more stages to solve. The game does offer an extra minigame called the Ilomilo Shuffle Game but I only played this for its achievement, as there is nothing else being offered here.

Lacking more original content to keep me going, I was left with only the leaderboards. These are available for every stage and they score you based on getting across each one in the least amount of steps possible; in a similar way to Portals extra challenges. This will certainly keep you occupied a little longer to fully master the game if this is of interest to you. Another thing that will keep you going is the other story mode called Autumn Tale but you will have to wait until this is released as DLC to play it.

Tea For Two

My last bone to pick with Ilomilo is its co-op mode. Now this to me had great potential; the game is designed that you operate two characters anyway. However, it is not pulled off in the way you would imagine. Yes you do get to operate a character each, but this cannot be done at the same time. When you have not got control of your character you control a fly to help point things out to your partner. What happened to splitscreen?

The aptly named flies Oli and Moli are also used to find 10 eggs in the background that are scattered across the stages. Oh and by the way, you will be playing the exact same stages as in the single player so apart from finding these eggs; there are no new challenges. Quite honestly, the co-op mode is too similar to the single player and leaving one person inactive all the time makes for a less than satisfactory experience. Somehow this is a game that is co-op by design, but works much better as a single player game. I could not work it out either.

Young At Heart

I do not want to end on a negative note though as I really enjoyed the (short) time I spent in this world. Its charm certainly won me over, and as a puzzle game it works really well. Maybe it is a compliment to the developers that I really did want more out of the game. This cute world they have created would be much more suited to an adventure game though as it seems the presentation might have eaten into too much of the space allowed for an Arcade title. From a puzzle game what I desire is length and complexity presentation is a minor concern.

If treated as simply a casual puzzler then Ilomilo really is as sweet as butter cake. It is a rare treat for a puzzler to have such a likeable personality to it, and even rarer for this to have a flair of creativity within its gameplay. Overall this is a pleasant and enjoyable experience for any player looking to test their puzzle solving abilities. By no means is Ilomilo not complex in its design despite its childish sensibilities. For those looking for a lengthy puzzle game this may disappoint a little, but you will certainly leave the game with the glee of a young child at a park.


fun score


Presentation gives the game a wonderful personality and the puzzles are quite challenging in the majority.


Lacking in length and misses a great co-op opportunity.