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Halo: Reach


Reach for your controllers

Infinity Ward Influence (cntd)

The matchmaking system has also been massively updated, with a huge variety of different search options to tailor for each player's specific needs. For example; if you want to hurl a barrage of abuse and l33tspeak at your opponents, there is a search option to cater for that. If you're a team player as opposed to a lone wolf, you can search for other team players. The veto system has also been improved. Seeming to take another leaf out of Infinity Ward's book, you now have a choice of a certain amount of maps/match types before each game, voting for the one you wish to play the most.

Weapons, Death and Destruction

As well as new load-outs, matchmaking options and armor abilities, there is a large variety of new game types which are incredibly unique and stupidly fun to play. "Stockpile" is a unique take on a standard CTF game, with you taking several flags to your base and then having to protect them against a timer for points. "Generator Defense" pits three Spartans against three Elites, with the Elites trying to destroy the Generators and the Spartans having to protect them. "Invasion" is perhaps the most enjoyable game of them all, with six Spartans taking on six Elites in a variety of different objectives. Personally, this takes me back to the old days of the objective game types of Time Splitters 2, with players progressing further through the map as more objectives are completed, and also the general franticness of the playlist. Each objective completed sees the introduction of new weapons, vehicles and load-outs into the map, which means that the game effectively gets more intense and destructive as time goes on.

Speaking of destruction, some of the new weapons look like they could hold their own against the power of the death star. Remember the awesomeness of the Needler from Halo 3? Remember how you used to contemplate how awesome it would be if the weapon had a scope on? Your prayers have been answered, as your enemies bounce backwards in the aftermath of a detonation of purple destruction. There's now a weapon that can hold its own against the shouts of "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR" as someone charges up the relentless Spartan Laser, only to be countered by a trio of five plasma balls that send you flying upwards as they detonate. This new weapon is effectively a Plasma Grenade launcher, and it's horrendously powerful.

Makes Fanboys Think Again

It is good to be back on a Halo game, and it's incredible to see how much of an effort Bungie has made, adding new features and improvements into a series that is already so highly acclaimed. This is why I have no shred of doubt that Halo: Reach will have Call of Duty fanboys slowly and discretely putting their copies of Modern Warfare 2 down, and sneaking out to buy a copy of Reach as soon as this baby hits the stores.