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Guitar Hero 3 review


The latest installment hits the scene loudly and proudly

Graphics on a downward spiral (cont.)

The overall HUD has had some improvements over the older games in the series, but the textures and character models leave something to be desired for. With the visuals not being the major factor to the game overall, it still would have been nice if Neversoft put in that extra effort and time on the graphics, just to add a cherry on the cake.

Songs, songs and some more songs

With the music being the main attraction, they did a great job of keeping that the focal point of the game. With a whole new track list as well as more genres to offer, Guitar Hero III never falls short on music. There are over 70 tracks available in the basic game, and additional bonus songs can be found in, for example, custom song packs found online. This time around a huge effort was put into trying to get the original recordings of the tracks, instead of remakes, which quite a few people were unhappy about in Guitar Hero II. There are enough genres in there to keep everyone happy, including myself with a few songs there that I actually really love. The various in-game sound effects seem to play without a hitch, so no problems there.


The interface is pretty solid, although it feels slightly different from Guitar Hero II. Unfortunately, lag is an issue. There are times where you will miss notes, even though you were sure you hit them. Likewise, even when you see notes lagging behind, you will still be able to hit them. The final thing to note is with the online multiplayer. If you lose your connection to Xbox Live, it takes around two minutes for the game to notice that your connection has been lost, and then it decides to freeze for another two minutes before taking you back to the main menu. Aside from these relatively minor problems, the game runs pretty smooth and it is a solid game on the whole.

Once more, with feeling

Surprisingly, there’s a lot more replay value than the predecessor had. The single player career mode lasts long enough, with the ability to replay any songs you’ve unlocked and bought. And you can strive for better and better high scores. But the multiplayer is where the real replay value comes in. Being able to battle it out against friends and people online, there’s always a challenge and a laugh to be had.

You’ll just keep coming back for more!

Overall, this is a very entertaining game. And, even though a little more work could have been done to make it more of a visual experience in addition to aural, they don’t fail to deliver truck loads of fun that will keep you coming back for more every time.


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