Forza Motorsport 3

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Forza Motorsport 3 review
Matthew Bishop


Drive your dreams away


The first instance that I ever experienced a 'rewind' feature being utilized in a racing game came when I first played Grid upon its release. It provided the player something to combat a frustratingly difficult corner or a stupid mistake after hours of racing a long race. It gives a simple way out without having to complete the entire race over again. Intelligently this feature is included.

The physics used are most notably on the tires of the vehicles which are better than I could have even dreamed possible. It provides you with a much more realistic experience as the tires will actually degrade throughout the race. It gives you a very good feel of every spin, drift, and skid and leaves you with a very fulfilling and unique experience.


Every car makes an entirely different sound feeding the experience all that much more. The announcer's narration skills are nice and can be skipped through when needed, as he can occasionally get repetitive. Thankfully there is the ability to tell the game that you do not want to hear certain things that the announcer says. Unfortunately, this does not make up for the seemingly bland choice of tunes chosen for the menus and racing experience. But as you are playing on the 360, you can always attach a device and play music off of that. As long as you keep the volume of the music at a respectable level, this should not drown out the realism-adding sounds of your car of choice.

The menus in this game almost navigate themselves. They are beautifully concocted in a mix of black, white, orange, and red. The storefront is simple to navigate, as well; in your garage you are offered multiple options of how to view your collection of cars. The online auction house is quite simple to peruse and search for whatever you are looking for. Tuning and upgrading cars can be done simply with a couple clicks of a button or can be accessed more in depth for the more experienced users.

Give it a chance

Replaying Forza Motorsport 3 is quite easy. I haven't played a great racing game like this in a long time and am thoroughly enjoying the moments I get to spend with it. Some of the current multiplayer issues will surely be patched soon enough. Turn 10 is normally fairly good at keeping their games up to date, provided the fan base is there which it clearly is with Forza.

Put quite simply; do not let any of the current controller issues turn you completely off. It does take away from what is otherwise a near flawless experience, but I still urge you to give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.


fun score


Assists, so newbies can be competitive.


No option to swap control settings manually.