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Fable III


Can Fable continue its upward trend?

Paving the way

Before 2003, gaming was typically made up of pre-planned adventures and stories, which would send you in one definite direction. Sure, there would be a myriad of side-quests and unlockable easter eggs, items, etc. I am sure you get the idea. There were even quite a few which had the possibility of multiple endings, but for the most part these were triggered by single tasks being completed or lone decisions being made. Few games – if any – allowed the user to profoundly mold the outcome of a game.

A gaming revolution began that year, though, with the release of games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Lionhead Studios classic, Fable. Groundwork was laid with these games which would undoubtedly reshape gaming in the future, as has proven true. Creating your own story has now all but become a staple in action-RPGs. Fable II brought about further innovation to the cross-genre series, incorporating additions such as collecting funds through performing actual jobs like blacksmithing and bartending as well as cooperative play via Xbox Live.

Always moving forward

Known for its fresh and new ideas, will Fable III be able to continue the trend it started back in 2003? Is it conceivable to think of that much more? Will this be Fable II but with a new story and rehashed content? Lionhead’s creative director, Peter Molyneux, provided his stance on this, saying, “If all the rules have been established and all you offer is a new story and a handful of locations, people will start to lose interest”.

So what exactly is going to be fresh and new about the junior release in one of Xbox’s premier franchises? For starters, Molyneux has confirmed that the heavily-hyped Project Natal will be utilized. To what extent is currently not known, which is not surprising, considering the fact Microsoft has only just begun to reveal what this revolutionary input device can do. Both Fable III and Natal are expected to become available later this year, though, so it is quite possible that Lionhead’s latest work could be a Natal launch title.

More innovation? Check!

Fable III has a handful of new and exciting points of interest implemented within its gameplay. Since this game is an actual sequel to Fable II - unlike Fable II to Fable - you will have the option of migrating your Fable II save to the new release. Set 50 years after the events of Fable II, your hero is tasked with overthrowing King Logan, a tyrant whom has wrought havoc upon Albion. To do this, you must gather support from its citizens by completing quests and playing the politician.