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Comic Jumper review
Chris Priestman


Frowning at Captain Smiley

Is It A Bird Or A Plane?

The game does offer some hope of redemption by introducing three other types of gameplay into the mix. These are on-rails shooting, melee combat and quick-time events. Being of the same mother, each of these is a poor example of the genre, with the same basic mistakes being made once again. A further problem is that each level simply repeats this sequence of varied gameplay, making the whole experience a drag. As you slumber your way through the game, the change in scenery between the comic books does at first seem welcoming. Somehow though, with each comic book comes a further difficulty.

This climaxes with the black and white manga style comic book. By this time, the game has increased its difficulty by simply overcrowding the screen with enemies. What you really do not desire at this point then is for them to all blend in with the background. Although authentic, the lack of colour hides incoming dangers. Due to the fast pace of the action, it is also an expected gratitude in similar games for developers to aid players with vibrant colours. Instead, Twisted Pixel offers a bland and frustrating game that mocks its players when they are defeated by unfair and poorly designed game mechanics.

Used Car Salesman

On the plus side, Comic Jumper does give you value for your money in other places. Money is earned within levels that can be spent on a huge amount of extras and upgrades. This is found within a glorified options menu that has actually seen more thought than the rest of the game. The game also rewards you with avatar items and a dashboard theme that are unlocked by reaching certain landmarks.

The initial play through of the game will last about 5 hours but many more are required to buy the vast amount of unlockables. There is also a challenge mode in which you are required to navigate a small section of a level without receiving any damage. Doing this quickly and killing enemies will add to your income for the level. Additionally, your highest score for each level and challenge is entered into the global leaderboards for the more competitive player. Quite admirably then, the game offers a lot of content and potential playing time if you are willing to fully complete the game. It is a shame though, that all the efforts of the development team are too focused on elements that are only additions to most video games.

Smile At The Camera!

Comic Jumper is a game that seems to be a promising experience. Unfortunately, the core elements that constitute a good video game are very weak. Focusing too much on exponential features and rooting the game from a character idea rather than a gaming experience has let down Twisted Pixels reputation. I do however congratulate them on their comic creation and the efforts made to reward their fans. To retain their title, Twisted Pixel needs to return to their original ideas that are built from the core of the game. If Comic Jumper was realised in other media, primarily a comic book, TV series or film, it would be a triumph. As it stands, Comic Jumper plays out like a bad video game adaptation rather than the creative and unique journey it appears to be.

If you are looking for a game to make you laugh through its characters and dialogue I would recommend trying Comic Jumper. Do not expect the gameplay to compare to this element though, and so, if you are looking for a fun game to play, I advise looking elsewhere.


fun score


Great style and innovative use of breaking the fourth wall. Well done script and a lot of extra content for your money.


Terrible gameplay mechanics and repetative level design really damage the overall product.