God of War: Chains of Olympus

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God of War: Chains of Olympus review
Chris Scott


Mini God of War

A bit on the short side

The first two God of War games featured some fantastic boss battles and Chains of Olympus is no different, unfortunately there just dont seem to be enough of them in the game. It is great to fight off hordes of blood-thirsty enemies, getting the combo meter up in the hundreds but I would trade some of those battles for a couple of more epic encounters with mythological beasties. In fact, adding a couple more well-placed boss fights might have extended the game a little bit because, as it is now, Chains of Olympus is rather short.

The game, played on Normal difficulty will run you about six hours or so to finish. Fortunately, Ready at Dawn included a couple modes that should keep players interested at least for a little while longer. The first of these is God Mode, which should keep even the best players occupied for some quite some time, ramping up the difficulty to epic proportions. Then there is the Challenge of Hades, which pits Kratos in a gauntlet style encounter but with special restrictions, like having to defeat 50 soldiers by only using fire, or defeat 20 enemies without getting hit himself. It might not be a whole lot but when combined with the fantastic gameplay and the bonus content, Chains of Olympus will offer players quite a bit of playtime.

Amazing audio-visual presentation

You may have noticed that I have yet to even touch on the visuals or the sounds. The reason for this is simply that there is just too much to say about it. However, it can all be summarized in one word: amazing. Thats right, Ready at Dawn has delivered quite possibly the best looking and sounding game on Sonys little system. Chains of Olympus is very near the quality of its PS2 counterparts and it is all able to be taken with you on the go.

The environments, the character models, and the fluidity of the animation are all top notch. And I am having a hard time saying it but the sounds are even better. From the sweeping score to the incredible voice acting (Terrence Carson and Linda Hunt return to reprise their roles as Kratos and the Narrator respectively) the sound is the best the PSP has seen to date. I do want to point out that the incredible graphics and sound seem to come at the price of battery life, though. Playing on a PSP Slim I found the battery life to run about three hours or so. There have been reports that the original PSP battery will run you about five hours of life but I cant confirm or deny them.

Definite must-have

God of War: Chains of Olympus takes almost everything from its older siblings, including the sex scene mini-game, which has become a series standard, and miniaturized it to fit on the PSP. The game does run a little on the short side and is somewhat taxing on the battery life, but if you can get over those small gripes there is quite a lot to like here, including the best looking and sounding game on Sonys portable to date. It may still only be March but Chains of Olympus is sure to be a front-runner when the game of the year awards come around. Fans of the series should be rushing out to the store to get themselves a copy and fans of action games in general should give it some serious consideration.


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