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The Expendables 2‏

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Expendables 2, the trophies list

4's Company (Bronze)
Objective: Play through an entire chapter with 4 player co-op

Balkan Party (Bronze)
Objective: Complete chapter 1

Blanket Party (Bronze)
Objective: Perform all grab moves, melee attacks and team signature kills

Burma Breakout (Bronze)
Objective: Complete chapter 4

Challenge Junkie (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all Challenges

Desert Storm (Bronze)
Objective: Complete chapter 2

Florence Nightingale (Bronze)
Objective: Heal 50 times

Gun Safari (Bronze)
Objective: Use each weapon in the game to kill an enemy

Killing Machine (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies in a single combo

Knock, Knock (Bronze)
Objective: Blow the factory gates!

Mission Accomplished (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Campaign on Casual difficulty

Professional Wrestler (Bronze)
Objective: Perform all 4 fully upgraded grab moves

Raining Down Fire (Bronze)
Objective: Take out the weapons train

Time Is Money (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a challenge

Under Duress (Bronze)
Objective: Interrogate the sniper

Untouchable (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a mission on Hardcore without getting healed

Urban Pacification (Bronze)
Objective: Complete chapter 3

Hands-On (Silver)
Objective: Kill 2000 enemies using melee attack or grabs

The Extra Mile (Silver)
Objective: Complete the Campaign on Hardcore difficulty