Resistance 2

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Resistance 2


Hale continues the fight against Chimera where he left off.

Resistance's moving Stateside

Single player, as noted above, will be a completely different story from the cooperative play. The playable part of the campaign will take off in Iceland, a little after the chopper that carried Hale is taken down. Later on, the story will move to the United States, since it seems that Europe and Asia aren’t enough for the Chimera. From then on, Hale joins a task force of chimera virus resistant soldiers called the Sentinels. Much like Hale, the Sentinels posses extreme healing and telepathic abilities. Hale and the Sentinels (arguably the co-op characters) will set on a journey to repel the Chimera’s forces. This time the Chimera’s invasion is airborne and it promises to involve more varied landscapes and (thankfully) palette colours. Finally, a game centred on the WWII era that’s not entirely grey and brown.

Amongst the changes from the first game is the fact that this time the story won’t be told by Rachel’s not so lovely voice. The developers surmised that having Rachel tell the story hurt the pace of the storytelling in the first part and decided to give Hale a more central role. Cut-scenes will lose in favour of in-game narrative, perhaps giving a little more scale to the plot, something I felt lacking during my play-through of the first instalment. On the more plot specific details there’s little to none revealed. Will the Cloven finally make an appearance? Will Hale’s infection develop even further and, for that matter, will the Chimera finally control him or the Sentinels? There are a whole lot of mysteries waiting to be revealed and Insomniac hasn’t spared us a nickel just yet.

What has been revealed is that Insomniac listened to their fans and worked hard to improve the single player campaign which will now sport boss fights with creatures over 100 feet tall that have to be killed in a certain way (i.e. weak spots). The checkpoints will be more frequent and balanced, the health system has been improves and a plenty of new vehicles (confirmed is the Chameleon, a Chimeran Stalker with cloaking capabilities) and new Chimeran creatures (sadly, none confirmed) have been added. The game will also include some randomized geometry to lessen the “been there, done that” feeling, a smarter AI that gets gradually more sophisticated as the NPCs approach the player and a whole lot of technical improvements. Insomniac promises to fix the lack of texture definition when viewed from a distance, introduce a highly upgraded lights and shadows system (which honestly look mind-blowing), higher enemy count and more.

Rise of Man?

Resistance 2 has become one of our highest anticipated games because of the attention to detail and the promised improvements over the original. Insomniac heard the fans’ few complaints and promised to address them head on and, while at it, add a new whole level of depth to which Fall of Man doesn’t come even close. The game promises to be a whole lot bigger in so many respects that we just cannot wait to the Fall 08 release date. The old saying tried to tell us that “don’t fix what ain’t broken” but we trust Insomniac to prove it wrong. That’s how excited about Resistance 2 we are.