God of War III

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God of War III


God's Son

Beautiful Gore (cntd)

A new feature to the game allows you to mount creatures and ride them as weapons, then ferociously terminate them in a gory way. This particular cyclops stopped its fumbling around when Kratos climbed over its head, dug his hands deep into its eye socket and pulled vigorously until he held the cyclops’ bloody eyeball in the palm of his hand. This was done in the old Quick Time Event style seen in previous God of War games. This time however the buttons appear on the screen next to the area where the attack takes place. Therefore you need to be constantly alert during these moments, searching the screen for the right button to press.

The finishing moves in God of War 3 are just as imaginative and gruesome as they’ve ever been. When finishing off the Centaur, Kratos jumps upon its back, sinks his blades into its shoulders and then rides it like a rodeo bull before pulling it down to the ground and cutting out its intestines. Beautiful. The new mythical chimera enemy, head of a goat, body of a lion and tail of a snake’s head, provides an interesting encounter. It must be fought in several different sections, first it attacks on its hind legs. After you cut off the tail it will stand on all fours in its lion mode. After defeating that, it will lower its goat head and charge you. When dispatching it, Kratos will rip off and kill it with one of its own horns, pinning it to the ground in a pool of blood.

Fighting and Weapons

When Kratos finally reaches the fallen Helios he jumps atop his struggling body and rips his head from his neck. Probably one of the most horrific and coolest deaths I’ve ever seen in a video game. After decapitating the no longer sun god, you get to keep his head and use it as a torch. This new item allows you to find hidden treasures, such as a secret door in the mountainside, which you must traverse in order to continue. There’s just one catch, it’s pitch black in there. The new dynamic environment system allows lighting to play a much more active and interesting roll in the game.

As Kratos commences on his journey into the cavern you can sense something lurking in the darkness. Undead soldiers screech and roar as they charge him from within the void. Pulling forth Helios’ fresh head, Kratos uses the light to reveal his enemies and blind them long enough to execute them. He then continues his path until he reaches an air vent, with a constant wind gushing upwards. It’s here that Kratos pulls out an old and familiar item, the Icarus wings. He then ascends mount Olympus in a mini game while dodging planks of wood and falling fireballs.

Fans of the game will be pleased to know that the fighting system is pretty much the same as before, while newcomers to the series will find that the controls are easy and quick to pick up on. The Blades of Chaos return as Kratos’ main weapon, the square button being used for light attacks, triangle for heavy and circle for grab. Old secondary weapons will be returning and we will also be introduced to new ones. The Cestus gauntlets for example, are huge metal gloves shaped like a lion’s head. These destructive weapons help to smash, clobber and pulverise your way through your enemies.

You can now switch between you arsenal seamlessly; you no longer have to swap them out like in the previous games. The combos with each weapon are similar, meaning that the square, square, triangle combo works the same for the Blades of Chaos and the Cestus gauntlet. This new switching feature means that the weapons complement each other, allowing you to start a combo with one weapon and finish it with another. Other new combat features include the ability to use an enemy as a battering ram, smashing him into his comrades or crushing his skull against a wall.

A Bloodbath

Overall God of War 3 looks to be a immense, mythological bloodbath of limbs and satisfying executions, which will bring out the best features of the PS3’s remarkable engine. And with word that, although the trilogy is ending, more games will be in store for the God of War series; it looks like we’ll all be having thrilling toga parties in celebration.