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Fallout: New Vegas


Viva Las Vegas!


The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting system, simply known as V.A.T.S., still remains at the core of the combat system in Fallout: New Vegas. In what Bethesda Software once described as a hybrid of both turn-based and real-time combat, the player can use various attacks against the enemy. While you are using V.A.T.S., real-time combat will be paused allowing the player to choose a particular body part to inflict an attack upon. Some attacks, like the headshot, are an instant kill, and other attacks require a bit more thinking. However, when you are using V.A.T.S, the entire first-person-perspective will be eliminated, and the aiming will be taken over by a computer.

Also the Companion feature will return, although it works a little bit differently this time around. The new Companion Wheel allows the player to execute different commands that are presented in a radial and graphical menu. This feature makes the various reactions to NPCs and commands easier to handle and memorize. This also allows players to change their combat tactics before a fight.

Some people are claiming this game to be essentially a retooled edition of Fallout 3. Perhaps to a certain extent theyre right, but make no mistake; New Vegas will have plenty of new additions to the gameplay in addition to a completely new story.

Hardcore Mode

Some people said that Fallout 3 was a bit too easy and I must admit that I was one of those people. However, Fallout: New Vegas will be introducing all-new difficulty levels, the most notable of which is the (boldly named) Hardcore Mode.

Usually the hardest difficulty setting means that the player will replay the whole game again, just with fewer lives and perhaps facing tougher bosses. Fallout: New Vegas takes this one step further. The gaming difficulty will naturally be increased, but the player will also have to implement carefully thought-out and effective strategies, careful resource management, combat tactics, and pay constant attention to the environment.

Instead of instant healing, the healing will be deliberately delayed. If the player gets severely injured, the character will needs lots of skill with medicine and a med pack in order to recover. Also, the player will need a supply of water, food, and to take care that the characters get enough sleep.

See ya at Vegas...

By taking elements from the classic PC games as well as from Fallout 3, New Vegas seems to be commemorating the best from both worlds. Whilst it is natural to be concerned when any new developer takes on a hallmark franchise like this, remember that Bethesda Studios managed the same rather well with Fallout 3. This game has a high standard to meet as far as the legacy, history and success of this series is concerned, but New Vegas looks like it will be up to the challenge. Well, I guess well have to be in Vegas later this year to find out for sure.