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Devil May Cry 4 review
Chris Scott


Will this devil cry?

Whos the Boss?

One of the most fun aspects of the Devil May Cry series is taking a seemingly undersized hero up against towering behemoths and stylishly taking them down. Devil May Cry 4 is certainly no different as it presents you with some of the most memorable boss battles in recent memory. The first time you take on Berial, a giant flaming demon, is a truly jaw dropping moment. By the third time you face him however your jaw is just clenched in frustration. And Berial is not the only one to be recycled. You will face most of the major bosses at least twice and more than likely three times. Its overkill and it actually hurts the game. Sometimes having too much of a good thing ends up being bad for you.

Technologically Speaking

Devil May Cry as a series has always pushed the hardware of the Playstation 2 and Devil May Cry 4 carries on that technological mastery to the Playstation 3. The game is visually stunning and few games look as good on the system as this one does. It carries itself well with hardly any slowdown in even the most hectic of fights.

While the game is a visual tour-de-force, the sound front is more of a mixed bag. Musically the game relies on generic heavy metal tracks for most of the game and while they seem well fitted to start with by the end of the game you may be more than tired of them. That said there are a few great pieces of music in the game, including the opening musical number, which will reprise itself throughout the game at key moments. It carries an emotional weight that the rest of the games music lacks. The sound effects serve their purpose but the metal tracks that overlay during almost every battle take a lot of the impact out of them. The voice acting is typically over-the-top and some people may find it a put off. But the series fans will feel right at home with the melodramatic delivery of the dialog.

In Comparison

Devil May Cry has historically been considered a Playstation title but Capcom decided to place it on both the major console powerhouses this time around: Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360. Comparisons of games on both systems have generally, with a few exceptions, fallen in favor of the XBOX 360 and while Devil May Cry 4 on XBOX 360 is very close in quality the Playstation 3 version is slightly better in a few areas.

The Playstation 3 version loads slightly faster but it also requires a 5 gigabyte, 20 minute install onto the Playstation 3 hard drive before you can begin playing. This may not be much to everyone but to some it is a lot. Having played both versions side by side, the real problem with the 360 version is the screen tearing that is evident. The Playstation 3 did not suffer from screen-tearing and as such has the graphical edge even if it is a tad bit too dark at times.

Devil Will Cry Again

The short length of play time as Dante makes it seems like this should have just been an offshoot of the Devil May Cry franchise. The repetition of both levels and bosses knocks it down a peg. However Devil May Cry 4 is a very good game. Fans of the series will love it and play it through the five levels of difficulty attempting to get the highest score possible for a long time to come.


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