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Save or Harvest? It's up to you


It has almost been a full year since PC and Xbox360 owners got to traverse Rapture. Don’t fear PS3 owners, BioShock is coming to your console too. Developed by 2K Marin, this game has gotten critical and commercial success winning countless awards, getting rave reviews and excellent sales. It only makes sense to release it on additional platforms for more people to enjoy but this is not just a sloppy port. BioShock for the PS3 will have some extra surprises sprinkled around the already highly polished game.

When your plane malfunctions and crashes into the ocean you swim your way through fire and wreckage until you reach a lighthouse. Entering the lighthouse, there is an elevator – taking this elevator reveals the underwater city of Rapture. A city built by a man with a dream, a dream in which each man gets what they deserve and owes nothing to any higher power. A city free from rules and laws allowing art and science to reach their full potential. On paper this all sounds perfect but, short after your arrival, you realize that something terrible happened here and it’s up to you to find out who is responsible and find a way to get the hell out of there.

The year is 1960 and you have stumbled upon this underwater city that is now in utter turmoil. The city itself was prosperous in the 40’s-50’s and the environment – along with the music reflect this quite well. Poster along the walls saying “Happy new Year 1959” torn off halfway and dripping with blood. Cash registers lay broken on the floor with bottles and furniture destroyed all over the place. Classic music from the era (actual licensed music) blaring in the background giving each locale it’s own creepy flavor. And what’s an underwater city without water, almost every area in Rapture has glass walls that show off the cold ocean around you. This water likes to come in the city too, some areas are slightly flooded and seeing water poor into an area from a hole in the wall or leaky pipes looks amazing.

Can I have a Splice?

This water is used for more than just eye-candy, it has a tactical use as well. Throughout Rapture – your most common enemy is going to be a Splicer. These Splicers were once normal citizens of Rapture but overusing DNA Splice technology has turned them into hungry madmen and women. So if you are being chased by a group of crazed Splicer’s, don’t fret, lure them into a pool of water and shock it with some electricity. The water will carry the current to the Splicers and you can see the electricity arcing around them as they die. This trick never gets old and Splicers can use the water to their advantage as well. If one is engulfed in flames, the Splicer will run for it’s life to the nearest pool of water to put it out – that’s when you hit them again with some electricity.

The city of Rapture is free of moral and legal restrictions allowing for anyone to genetically enhance themselves and that goes for you as well. The resource needed for this is Adam, Adam is found in Little Sisters but beware these sisters are well guarded by their Big Daddy. Big Daddies are hulking creatures encased in a old style diving suit complete with massive drill in hand or grenade launcher. To get to the Little Sisters you must first destroy these beasts and it’s no easy task. When enraged, these Daddies’ eyes turn red and they will charge at you with all their might and won't stop until you're dead. Once the Big Daddy is dealt with, the Little Sister will cower in fear and you're faced with a choice: save the child for a portion of Adam or harvest her for more resources? The choice is up to you and the ending will change based on it.