Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

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Worms: Ultimate Mayhem review
William Thompson


AKA Worms 4.5

Outdoor worms

From a visual standpoint, Worms Ultimate Mayhem is identical (as far as I can tell) to Worms 4 Mayhem. Yes, they are in HD, but for me there is little differentiation, especially without playing the two side-by-side. The 3D characters have that cute chunky Worms look about them, and the teams such as the Gunslingers and Funky Dudes each have their own unique look. Gamers can also customise their own teams to give their teams an individual touch. The cartoon style animations suit the game to a tee, and the landscapes further enhance the comic nature of the game. The colourful settings include a Wild West setting, a Camelot themed scene, a backdrop from the Arabian Nights and even a Prehistoric themed locale. All have landscapes that will be altered during the battle, with weapons making an impact on the surroundings. The fully destructible environments certainly mean the no two games will be the same. Also, all maps are surrounded by water, and with water being deadly to these worms, that fact can certainly come into consideration when planning an attack.

The audio too, continues the colourful and comedic nature of the visuals. Each of the settings has a variation in the dialogue used by both your own and the enemy worms. A Sean Connery style James Bond voice on a worm is highly amusing. The sound effects for the weapons too, play their part well. Bazookas whizz through the air, and explosions give a cartoon style impression, almost to the point that you are almost expecting a Bang or Kapow illustration to appear as well.

Camera issues

The controls and interface are simple, but do take some getting used to. The main sticking point with the controls actually has to do with the camera. Having only a limited amount of time to make your attacking move (usually around 30-45 seconds), gamers will move their worm into attacking position, select one of the standard weapons (such as grenades, bazookas or rifles) or choose one of the outrageous weapons such as Bovine Blitz, Holy Hand Grenade, Inflatable scouser or Alien Abduction and then let rip at the enemy worms. Unfortunately, the camera angles often make it difficult to determine where your weapon will end up, especially with the thrown or launched weapons. And even moving around the landscapes can be a little bothersome at first until you work out how the camera performs. With water being deadly to the worms and large falls being turn ending, a simple error in movement can be fatal. But having said that, once you get used to the intricacies of the camera (often the aerial view can help), the game is fairly easy to control. It is a simple concept, as with the case with all previous Worms titles, but continues to work well.

Too Similar

Although I have had much fun playing Ultimate Mayhem, I have to mark the game down because it is just too similar to Worms 4 Mayhem. If you havent played Worms 4, then it wont bother you at all and you will be getting a great bargain and I would score the game a point or so higher. But for those of you, like me, who have played Worms 4, then it is basically the same game with Steam Achievements and a smattering of new maps added. Despite the similarities though, the game has lost none of its charm. The visuals are colourful, the audio fits in well with the comedic styling of the game and the gameplay, and especially in multiplayer is a heap of fun. And for the bargain price being offered on Steam, it would be well worth a look, especially with replay factor of no two games being alike.


fun score


Weapons are fun, and the destructible environments mean that no two games are the same.


Almost identical to Worms 4 Mayhem