Worms 4: Mayhem

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Worms 4: Mayhem


This will be a fine addition to the series!

Your own characters

One part of this game that I enjoyed immensely other then the game itself is the team and character creation. You can create your own team of worms and give the team and each individual worm a name. For 'testing purposes' I named my team, team Howie and had at least one worm named Howie as well. The rest of the character generation process involves setting the speech. This setting will allow each worm to talk in a different style such as a Cowboy, a Disco man, Astronaut, Scottish and a Classic setting. My favorites were the Cowboy and Scottish and I used them abundantly. The different speech styles are very funny and because worms talking to you is an integral part of the game. After you pick the speech type for each worm you will go on to pick what the worms' appearance will be like. You have the option to have a Disco, Cowboy, Police, Scottish, Spaceman, Baseball or Afro motif. This option is actually the type of hat the worm will wear in the game. I had a couple of Cops that talked like cowboys and a baseball player with a Scottish accent. It is very enjoyable to experiment with the various worm looks. After you do this you go on to pick the eyes, which are actually a couple of different eyeglasses, such as disco or sunglasses. You then finish up the character creation by picking different colors for the face and hands. The customization wouldn't be complete without picking a team flag and a team gravestone. The flag follows along with the above Cowboy, Scottish, etc. motifs and the gravestone can be Sci-Fi, Weird, Mystic or brown. For those who don't feel like creating a team and its worms, ready made ones with very funny and interesting names such as Chuckles, Bopper or Big Man are provided for.

Sound matters

While playing the game, you'll find yourself engulfed in many appropriately chosen quirky sounds and noises. It's the kind of 'beep, beep, bop' Super Mario sound. You can't call them songs, being just that beep, beep rhythm and all, but the funny sounds and comments that each worm makes while you are controlling them can make you feel giddy. Different sounds are for different occasions, such as a long sighs when you do something wrong. An impatient foot stomping kind of sound occurs when you waste time looking at menus or other features when you should be working on destroying the opposing enemy team of worms. The worm also talks to you during your turn and some of the comments are extremely funny. This is a very good feature and keeps you entertained beyond the gameplay. The sound of weapons firing is very impressive. I had my speakers turned up a little too high and I launched a shot from the bazooka and the resounding BOOM nearly knocked me out of my chair. The on screen graphic of the explosion was visually pleasing as well. Play this game on a home stereo sound system turned all the way up and the explosions will rustle your neighbor out of bed with a start.

When the game is released it will include a number of different scenarios, multiplayer, challenges, network play and there will even be an item shop and a trophy cabinet where you can go to see the game awards you have amassed. The ESRB rating is pending but I would give this game a mild PG rating based solely on the cartoonish depictions of mayhem and violence. There is nothing here that you wouldn't see on the Saturday morning TV cartoon presentations. All in all this is a good game and a fine addition to the series. There is much here to keep the Worms gamer busily occupied for a long time. I would recommend this game to the RTS gamer in the family.