Universe at War: Earth Assault

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Universe at War: Earth Assault


An alien war is about to descend upon us

Gameplay (cntd.)

You can see the campaigns you have running on a 3D globe. Continents are divided into sectors along with a sign to indicate which faction controls it. Like a true general, you will be able to move whole ‘strike forces’ into enemy sectors to engage them in battle. This really adds to the overall experience of actually commanding your faction.


The Hierarchy rely heavily on their big, slow walkers (Multi-legged mechs) which serve not only as mobile factories and research centres, but can also directly participate in battle. While the Hierarchy will have some buildings, most of the important ones -such as factories- are on these walkers. They will feature customisable hard-points to which you can attach weaponry or other upgrades. A host of strong ground units support the walkers and are able to use radiation-based weaponry and phase attacks. A definite plus to the Hierarchy is that they can use pretty much anything as a resource. Before long, you will see yourself harvesting cows, trees and even cars.

In contrast to the brutish Hierarchy, the Novus are more like high-tech guerrillas. They won’t be able to take Hierarchy and Masari units one on one but they do possess great speed and mobility. This is partly thanks to a network of laser beams connecting all their structures. Novus units will be able to transform themselves into energy and then zip through the laser network, remerging moments later at the building closest to their destination. Utilising hit-and-run tactics and stealth to render themselves invisible to enemies, the Novus, being a cybernetic race, will also be able to use computer viruses as weapons on the field of battle. The Novus collect scrap metal from destroyed enemies as resources.

The most extraordinary faction however is clearly the Masari. Resources are collected by a special structure that converts nearby matter into energy. While this leaves the Masari weak and vulnerable in the early stages of battle, they will feature a very strong endgame. Given enough time, they will possess vast resources and powerful technology. Unique to the Masari is a Light/Dark system. The player can switch between modes at will, although a cool-down will come into effect. In ‘Light’ mode, Masari units have greater line of sight and deal more damage from a distance. In ‘Dark’ mode, all rates of fire as well as unit speed are increased. Additionally, all Masari units and structures receive a shield that protects them from damage. There is a hefty downside to ‘Dark’ mode though: airborne units have to stay grounded and line of sight is decreased considerably.