Tycoon City: New York

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Tycoon City: New York


A game for tycoon-wannabes

Business means money

One of the subjects that will need your attention will be related to students and their education. In this scenario you are tasked with building a thriving environment that will benefit the legions of students in New York City that are clamoring for a top notch education. You can do your part for the betterment of education by providing students with what they want. You can give them things such as lecture halls, bookstores, Internet facilities, art shows and the thing that every student demands, the coffee shop so they can hang out. As you accomplish the various scenarios you will move on to a harder task. I am a big fan of Railroad Tycoon and this is how they handled the career game.

As you complete each mission you advance on to harder and harder tasks until you reach your ultimate goal of being the top railroad baron or in this case the top tycoon in New York City. As with other tycoon games, Tycoon City: New York can be played in sandbox mode as well. Playing in the sandbox allows for a leisurely style of game play and the pressure to succeed isn't there. Beginning players might be encouraged to start out in the sandbox.

Looks like a tycoon to me

This tycoon game is standard fare. The colors are nice and bright and you definitely can see what is going on at all times. There is a nice little zoom and rotate feature that allows you to use your left and right mouse button in combination with the center button. If you have a scroll wheel in place of the center button then all the better for you. However if you lack at least a 3-button mouse then you can use the arrow keys to rotate and zoom the screen.

Unless you have a high-end video card, the graphics will probably not knock you out but they're more than adequate. On the upside of this is that the engine does render a tremendous amount of animated objects. At times the city is crawling with people and vehicles. There is always something happening on the screen, even a number of objects seems to return very often. A nice touch are the billboards that do justice to those found within the city in real life.

Sounds like it too!

The sounds again were nice. There is a tutorial in the game that you can watch and the on screen character talks to you about various features in the game. Watch this and pay attention to his accent. It is a decidedly New Yorker accent. If you have never heard a person from New York speak, when you hear this then you will have a very good idea what these fine folks sound like. I must say that I really enjoyed the opening theme song and the video that plays. This runs for awhile and you will find yourself tapping your foot to the beat of a gentleman singing New York, New York. It would have been nice if it was Frank Sinatra singing but this was well done none the less.

So there you have it a tour of the Big Apple itself, complete with all the nuances a native New Yorker would expect to have. The game will be on the shelves towards the end of February. We'll hold off on a final judgement until then!