Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas


A tactical shooter sure to please those fans of Tom Clancy style games

Vegas Baby!

Ah, Las Vegas! The neon lights, the ringing of the slots... the anti-personnel devices?!?!?! It's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas!

From the imagination of Tom Clancy and the talented team at Ubisoft's Montreal studios, comes the latest installment of the seminal Rainbow Six franchise, a longtime standard-bearer for tactical shooters. This time around, however, your team of special forces operators isn't going to be sneaking around some hot, sweaty jungle or dusty desert village. You and your men are taking on global terrorists in the ultimate hotspot: Vegas, baby! The bad guys have infiltrated the city, and it is up to you to stop them. If you don't, the world will witness destruction on a scale never before imagined. You might not be able to double down on an eleven, but you can double tap that guy in the cashier's cage!

Ubisoft is promising an intense upgrade to the series, including advanced gameplay and graphic elements, customizable multiplayer experience, and what promises to be the most unique environment to ever witness a force on force firefight. Plan to spend your time marveling the sights and sounds of Vegas, punctuated by violent bursts of life-or-death combat versus some highly motivated bad guys.

Tactical Shooter? Been there, done that!

Sure, most of us are well familiar with your basic tactical shooter. Rainbow Six has always been unique in its level of tactical detail, and this time around should prove no different. You will need to thoroughly observe your objectives, and then you must create the tactical plan of attack, including all team movements and command signals. You will find out really quickly how important this is, and whether you have what it takes to pull off a successful assault, or whether you need to be peeling potatoes, soldier!

Rainbow Six: Vegas promises to up the ante with multi-path environments, so your careful planning will be even more important. You will also have access to high-tech equipment, like snake cams that you can use to 'tag' your targets before you enter the room. They are also trying to provide near-total immersion, with real-time mission briefings and intense combat action. There is a new team leader and new team members, so the game is likely to be as fresh as you could desire.