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Stubbs the Zombie review


Scares U.S. government officials but makes regular gamers laugh

Shortcomings in graphics and soundtrack

While the video in Stubbs the Zombie is not the best, the music soundtrack could (and should) have been. I only say this because the great covers of classics like Mr. Sandman, Earth Angel, and Lollipop among others are rarely heard throughout the game. Only during the dance contest sequence (if you can figure how to do this - it took me a while) do you get a full complement of what could be an award winning soundtrack. The sound effects of munching zombies, Stubbs mumbling some great lines, screaming victims and whirling robots are all quite good, but they make up the bulk of the in-game sounds. When you have music of this caliber, more of it is better while in game. It would have been appreciated by most players, and may be seen as somewhat of a flaw for not being there.

The cut scenes have a streaked film effect to give you the impression that you are watching an old newsreel which adds to the surreal 50's style environment. The graphics are passable for the action adventure type game that this is, but for some reason I could not boost the frame rate above 30fps with my fairly advanced gaming rig. (3.06ghz, 2gb DDR, FX6800, SATA RAID 0, 7200rpm, 240gb). Although I would have preferred a little more detail when chomping down on my victim's cranium, or tearing his arm off and beating him with the bloody end, the graphics are just not Stubbs' strong point. Overall, I was able to overlook the shortcomings in the graphics and still enjoy the game very much. The gameplay environment and the ridiculous premise are the keys to Stubbs success.

Conversion from Xbox

Stubbs is an Xbox game ported to the PC. However, nothing special was done to accommodate the standard PC gamers' control interface preferences, so the best way to play Stubbs is with a minimum of 6 button game pad controller. You will get the most out of your zombie with the Xbox controller adapter for PC, or what I used, my trusty Microsoft Sidewinder.

In conclusion

Stubbs the Zombie is brought to you by the producers of "Halo", but don't expect too much in common with the acclaimed FPS. You do get to operate a couple of pretty cool vehicles (the Sod-O-Mobile for one), and Stubbs can regenerate his health while inactive. The only other similarity with Halo is the name of Punchbowls Police Chief (Chief Masters), which gives kudos to Halo's hero. Stubbs is rated M (Mature 17+) by ESRB, but I guess, based on the US government reaction, with any more graphic detail, Stubbs might probably have been banned altogether or at the least given the dreaded adults only rating.

Stubbs the Zombie is a short game (I think reflected in the $39.95 price tag) that most players will finish in one or two sittings giving you 4 to 6 hours of gameplay, but the hours that you play will be filled with laughter and knee slapping fun. I don't think that we have to worry about kids (over 17 of course) playing this game. They probably won't be influenced enough by Stubbs to become zombies themselves and start recruiting a brain-eating horde of zombies that will take over your city, anytime soon.


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