Star Trek: Legacy

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Star Trek: Legacy


The full spectrum of Star Trek into a one big game

Space, the final frontier

Bethesda Softworks and Mad Doc Software have formed an alliance to bring us the newest and most comprehensive Star Trek title to date, Star Trek: Legacy. Join the starship Enterprise in all her forms, sizes and models over the entire history of the Star Trek saga.

Let's make sure history never forgets the name... Enterprise.
Star trek has beamed itself into the permanent history records of what defines modern science fiction. From the original 1960s series with cheesy props and effects, to present day feature films using the best possible CG special effects, Star trek has never released the grasp that it holds over many sci-fi fans throughout the world. Star Trek: Legacy now brings four decades (1966-2006) of Star Trek history together in one compilation featuring the greatest personalities, ships, and events that have made Star Trek the legend that it is.

As previously stated, Star Trek: Legacy expands over all time periods of the Star Trek Saga. The player can make his way from the original series with the great James T. Kirk and the NCC-1701-A to the Defiant class (NX-74205) and back to the Jonathan Archer era Enterprise NX-01. Using the vast technical library that has developed over the past four decades, Bethesda and Mad Doc have developed the most technically accurate Star Trek title to date.

Mr. Worf... Fire!

Star Trek Legacy is a hybrid of an extremely detailed RTS and a space flight action simulator. Players will have to make use of not only the first person "cockpit" view, but playing the role of a Federation Fleet Admiral, you will be required to be aware of your tactical maps, situational awareness and to be able to issue orders on the fly to the rest of your fleet. Yes, the rest of your fleet. Legacy brings large scale capital ship fleet vs fleet combat in a way that only a Star Trek movie could do in the past. As Fleet Admiral, the player will select the ships, captains and weapon loads of his fleet. A victory will earn you Command points which will allow the player to further customize his fleet, ships and captains.

Eye-bursting graphics and dynamic gameplay aside, one of the biggest selling points of Star Trek: Legacy is the promise of full scale multiplayer spanning from small skirmishes to large-scale multi-star system wars. With an incredible 60 fully detailed and technically correct ships spread over four playable races, there will be plenty of room for stellar domination and competition. Players can choose from the Federation, Klingon, or Romulan empires as well as the dreaded Borg.

The ship-to-ship combat control is responsive and fun. The game interface offers ease of command and control without taking away from the feel of a full fleet combat. The ship models all have multiple hit locations and details that will show off energy searing, shield surging, and fully modeled location damage which shows the ships eventually break apart and strew the battle field with the debris of your fallen prey.


You can relive the most epic events in Star trek history in the single player federation Campaign. You can travel through time to take the role of the greatest Enterprise captains, Jonathan Archer, Kirk and the cunning Jean-Luc Picard. As you advance through the campaign, expect to see familiar faces, sights and events. The experience is made all the more authentic with the addition of genuine voice acting by those who have made these captains legends.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Anticipation for Star Trek: Legacy is quickly building up as more information is released. Hooked Gamers had the privilege of standing witness to a full 20 minute demo of Star Trek: Legacy during E3 2006 and, rest assured, this title will not disappoint the hardcore Star Trek fans, no matter what your favorite era may be. With a Stardate set for Fall 2006, be sure to come back for a full review here at Hooked Gamers!