Sins of a Solar Empire

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Sins of a Solar Empire


Can you forgive the sins of the past, and the present?


Many years ago a trade order existed throughout the known galaxy and was accepted on every inhabited planet. These planets where autonomous and self governing with the exception of the Trade Order who governed all intergalactic trade. Explorers of the Trade Order discovered an inhabited desert planet on the far reaches of the galaxy. Emissaries were sent in an attempt to bring this new planet under their control. The emissaries were rejected by the inhabitants of the desert planet but came back with stories of the fantastic culture of this new planet. The people of this planet, known as the Advent, broke nearly every taboo that the Trade Order planets had, such as biological experimentation and genetic manipulation.

In response, the trade order gathered support from its member planets and launched an invasion and quickly defeated the Advent. The inhabitants were exiled even deeper into space and the trade order was left to enjoy the riches of this newly acquired planet.

Present day

Fast forward to "present" day and the thriving Trade Order planets suddenly come under attack from a group of newcomers known as the Vasari Empire. The empire launches quick and sudden attacks and slowly starts taking over all Trade Order owned planets. In response, knowing they can not stand up to the might of the Vasari by themselves the Trade Order unites all the planets under its own banner and refers to this newly created organisation as the Trader Emergency Coalition or TEC. With all remaining planets being governed by one organization and coordinating their efforts, the TEC is able to push the Vasari back and put them into a stalemate.

Just as the TEC has the tide turn and stands a chance of defeating the Vasari Empire, their old friends the Advent arrive on the scene. Still bitter about the invasion and their subsequent exile from their home planet, the Advent have brought with them a huge and technologically advanced fleet of warships and are seeking revenge upon the TEC. This is where the game starts...


My first thoughts looking at this game were "this looks like Imperium Galactica 2". Much like Imperium Galactica 2, Sins of a Solar Empire will be a RTS set in space and, also like Imperium Galactica, it will feature an extensive background and story line. In terms of sheer gameplay, Sins of a Solar Empire will probably require less micromanagement but overall, the two are comparable. You're put in the 'driving seat' of an empire and your task is to nurse it to greatness.