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Shadowgrounds trainer Unlimited Health, Ammo, Flashlight Power, Respawns. One Hit Kills.


Shadowgrounds cheats, cheat codes & hints
Cheat Codes
While playing, press [F8] to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheat codes. Use up and down arrow to cycle through previously used codes.

Set 1
With these codes, please include externInclude developer: in front of the code. For example: externInclude developer:open_door to open a door.

mainDeveloper Scripting/Keys Enabled (*)
open_doorOpen Door Close to You
spawn_alienattackAlien Attack!
reloadstuffAmmo for All Weaons/Flashlight
givestuffAll Weapons
warpforwardWarp 300 Units Forward
warpmoreWarp 3000 Units Forward
fullhealthFull Health
giveallkeysGet All Keys
loseallkeysLose All Keys
openallremotedoorsOpen All Remote Doors
closeallremotedoorsClose All Remote Doors
immortalGod Mode
stuffedGod Mode, Full Healh, All Weapons, etc.

(*) The debug menu is a text menu, where you use F2 and F3 to select which option you want. Then you use F4 to accept that option. There are sub-menus for some of the choices too. After an option is selected, you can repeatedly hit F4 to re-run that cheat multiple times.

Set 2
These codes do NOT need anything entered before them.

setMissionSuccessCounter 1Win Current Mission
setMissionFailureCounter 1Lose Current Mission
hideGUIHide GUI
showGUIShow GUI
disableAllAIDisable All AI
enableAllAIEnable All AI
enableHostileAIEnemies Don't Move
disableHostileAIEnemies Move Again
Shadowgrounds savegame Access All Levels.